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(See DFARS 237.70, DFARS/PGI view)


PGI 237.7002  Area of performance and distribution of contracts.


      (1)  Determine and define the geographical area to be covered by the contract using the following general guidelines:


              (i)  Use political boundaries, streets, or other features as demarcation lines.


              (ii)  The size should be roughly equivalent to the contiguous metropolitan or municipal area enlarged to include the activities served.


              (iii)  If the area of performance best suited to the needs of a particular contract is not large enough to include a carrier terminal commonly used by people within the area, the contract area of performance shall specifically state that it includes the terminal as a pickup or delivery point.


      (2)  In addition to normal contract distribution, send three copies of each contract to each activity authorized to use the contract, and two copies to each of the following:


              (i)  HQDA (TAPC-PEC-D), Alexandria, VA 22331.


              (ii)  Commander, Naval Medical Command, Department of the Navy (MED 3141), 23rd and E Streets NW, Washington, DC 20372.


              (iii)  Headquarters, AFMPC-MPCCM.