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(Revised March 18, 2022)

(See DFARS 217.5, DFARS/PGI view)

      (a)  Written agreement on responsibility for management and administration

              (1)  Assisted acquisitions. When the contracting activity of one DoD Component provides acquisition assistance to deployed units or personnel from another DoD Component—

                    (A)  The written interagency agreement between the servicing DoD Component and the requesting DoD Component, required by FAR 17.502-1(a)(1), shall be documented on the DD Form 1144, Support Agreement (see template at;

                    (B)  Procurement support should be on a nonreimbursable basis, unless the parties mutually agree, in writing, for reimbursable support; and

                    (C)  The DD Form 448, Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request (MIPR), shall be used to provide a description of the supplies/services and certification of funds available to support the requirement.