Deputy Director, Resource Analysis

The Deputy Director, Resources and Analysis provides overall direction and serves as central OUSD(AT&L) focal point for OUSD(AT&L) participation in all phases of the Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution (PPBE) process.

Acquisition Program Analysis

  • Leads OUSD(AT&L) participation in OSD long-range programmatic projections. Coordinates inputs from OUSD(AT&L) organizations to support such projections, ensuring that these efforts are consistent with DAB plans, other OUSD(AT&L) guidance, and programmatic direction contained in the Future Years Defense Program (FYDP). Prepares reports on long-range acquisition program projections for presentation to senior DoD officials.
  • Develops investment area assessments, as called for in the OUSD(AT&L) charter and DoDD 5000.01, and ensures that results are incorporated in future long-range planning projections and affordability assessments for DAB milestone reviews and issue papers prepared during the PPBE process.
  • Coordinates with military departments and defense agencies to ensure consistent interpretation and implementation of AT&L’s Better Buying Power (BBP) Initiatives such as Life-Cycle Affordability and Should Cost.
  • Reviews Component-submitted Affordability Analyses and associated affordability constraints at DAB milestone reviews to ensure compliance with DoDI 5000.02. Develops Life Cycle Affordability policy/procedures and advises components on implementation.
  • Prepares studies and analyses of major acquisition alternatives, ensuring that the OUSD(AT&L) is provided with a balanced evaluation of competing options for major acquisition programs. Analyzes acquisition program alternatives in the context of resource constraints, affordability, and modernization priorities.
  • Supports USD(AT&L) oversight for major acquisition programs by reviewing and assessing all required acquisition reporting to AT&L and Congress. Reviews 100+ Selected Acquisition Reports and MAIS Annual Reports for submission to Congress.
  • Coordinates OUSD (AT&L) participation in drafting and reviewing Resource Management Decisions (RMDs) for MDAP and MAIS programs.
  • Develops 300+ Defense Acquisition Executive Summary (DAES) cost and funding assessments to support DAES reviews.
  • Leads OUSD(AT&L) activities to support transparency of data and information for all Major Defense Acquisition Programs(MDAPs) and Major Automated Information Systems(MAIS) programs. Develops policy, guidance, and procedures for OSD transparency initiatives and activities.

Resource Management Division

  • Maintains a system of administrative controls of RDT&E and Procurement funds and coordinates with the OUSD (Comptroller) and WHS Comptroller on administrative funds control and withhold issues.
  • Facilitates the timely and accurate submission of budget and execution data into the authoritative financial and accounting system, the Enterprise Business and Accounting System for Defense (EBAS-D), hosted by WHS.
  • Coordinates the preparation of key PPBE planning documents and budget submissions for the AT&L budget.
  • Ensures AT&L budget compliance with Resource Management Decisions (RMDs) from OUSD-Comptroller and the Office of the Director, Cost Assessment and Program Evaluation.

Program/Budget Division

  • Coordinates OUSD(AT&L) participation in the preparation of key PPBE planning documents and budget submissions, such as Issue Papers and other adjustments to fiscal guidance.
  • Establishes and maintains automated acquisition resource and investment planning systems to support functions of the DAB and the OUSD(AT&L)'s participation in PPBE activities. In coordination with the Director, Acquisition Management, develops new acquisition policies with resource implications, assessing new policy proposals and proposed revisions from a resource perspective and ensuring that new policies are reflected appropriately in OUSD(AT&L) investment planning systems and PPBE activities.
  • Coordinates OUSD (AT&L) participation in the review of draft Resource Management Decisions (RMDs) for the internal AT&L budget.

Audit Readiness

  • RA is the AT&L focal point for auditability evaluation and corrective action plans; and liaison for responding to financial statement audit requests in support of Washington Headquarters Service (WHS), the preparer of the OSD Financial Statements.


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