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Acquisition, Approaches, and Management (AAM) is responsible for policy development and implementation for the pathways depicted in the Adaptive Acquisition Framework. Our goal is to enable and empower the acquisition workforce to field effective and affordable capabilities, while simultaneously emphasizing transparency, speed of delivery, continuous adaptation, and frequent modular upgrades.

This division is also responsible for the multiple lines of effort under Advanced Software Acquisition, including software acquisition policy, an agile software acquisition pilot program, and a software specific appropriation pilot. The highest priority goal of Advanced Software Acquisition is to guide a Department-wide adoption of modern software acquisition practices.

Acquisition Policy Division

The AAM office provides guidance on Acquisition Policy, under the leadership of Deputy Director Mr. Everett E. "Skip" Hawthorne. This division is responsible for the development, coordination and issuance of defense acquisition policy implementing the national defense strategy. Key issuances include: Department of Defense (DoD) Directive 5000.01 which describes overarching department acquisition policy and DoD Instruction 5000.02 which describes the operation of the DoD acquisition system. These policies are supported by the Defense Acquisition Guidebook, a virtual reference that provides the acquisition workforce with the detailed business practice needed to facilitate the development of defense warfighting capability.

Mr. Everett E. 'Skip' Hawthorne
Mr. Everett E. "Skip" Hawthorne

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