Acquisition Intelligence


Nickee L. Abbott

Nickee L. Abbott

Director of Acquisition Intelligence Division

Ms. Nickee L. Abbott serves as the Director and Principal Advisor of Acquisition Intelligence Division, as well as, the Strategic Advisor for Mission Engineering and Integration (MEI) under the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Acquisition Enablers (DASD(AE)). She advises the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Acquisition (ASD(A)) on the effective integration of intelligence requirements within the life cycle of acquisition organizations, programs, and processes. This includes acquisition intelligence policy oversight and process improvement and acquisition specific training for the acquisition intelligence workforce. On MEI matters related to the DoD acquisition system, Ms. Abbott supports (ASD(A)) with digital engineering strategy, the MEI guide, and associated policy to strengthen the System of System (SoS) engineering practices through a mission engineering approach. Her focus is in on defining and implementing the needed capabilities for successful Joint All-Domain Command and Control Future Fight. She brings the DoD and Service Component teams together to implement a common vision, common language, processes, tools, and services across the Defense Acquisition System.

In her former positions, Ms. Abbott served in various leadership roles applying many innovative approaches to systems engineering and the centralized management of SoS engineering and integration activities. To provide SoS engineering expertise and analysis to support Army decision making, she spearheaded the Army’s major modernization efforts to include: Network Integration Exercise/Joint Warfighting Assessment and Mission Command Network 2020. This included the Army’s first integrated Capability Set 13 Fielding, establishment of Army Rapid Capability Office, and the 90-Days Study of Future Force Modernization Enterprise Integration. Ms. Abbott was honored for exceptional abilities in providing a holistic and an integrated approach for the acquisition, testing, evaluation and fielding of information technology across the Army's range of operations. Her awards included 2019 Meritorious Civilian Service Medal Award, 2018 David Packard Excellence in Acquisition Award, and 2017 Honorable Dr. Claude Bolton Jr. Engineering and Systems Integration Professional of the Year.

As the Director of the Architecture & Analysis Directorate, Office of the Chief Systems Engineer (OCSE), ASA (ALT), Ms. Abbott was responsible for developing and delivering the Army’s SoS Integrated Architecture for current and future Capability Sets and was the Army’s lead for integrated SoS architectures and technical analysis in support of modernization efforts. She also conducted the horizontal integration study for Army Future Command to identify gaps and challenges in the integration of emergent systems with current Army Capability Set Baseline.

Prior to OCSE reorganization, serving as the Director of System of Systems Engineering & Integration, SOSE&I, ASA (ALT), Ms. Abbott provided SoS analysis, engineering, and architectural products to address how the Army efficiently shapes, manages, validates, and synchronizes the fielding of integrated materiel capabilities. When the Army’s Rapid Capabilities Office launched, she led their engineering and integration efforts that delivered the first integrated tactical Electronic Warfare capability for the Army since the Cold War.

Ms. Abbott held other positions in Army organizations including PEO-C3T, PEO-IEW&S, and I2WD. Her career began with the Department of the Navy in Warminster, PA and Lakehurst, NJ.

Ms. Abbott holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Drexel University, a Master of Science in Strategic Studies from the U.S. Army War College, and a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from New Jersey Institute of Technology. She is a member of the Army Acquisition Corps and certified at Level 3 in Program Management and SPRDE-Systems Engineering.