Acquisition Exchange Program

Visit Washington, DC - Study Acquisition & Policymaking

Program Summary

Acquisition Data and Analytics (ADA) Acquisition Exchange Program (AEP) provides a unique career-development experience for high-caliber individuals in acquisition and acquisition-related career fields.

Program Objective

The AEP provides experience in the Department's executive-level MDAP decision process and implementation of DoD-wide acquisition policies. The assigned projects offer selected applicants the opportunity to enhance acquisition and senior-level policymaking skills, develop managerial and leadership skills, and prepare for future positions within the acquisition community. This opportunity is open to all career fields.

The ADA AEP provides selected applicants the opportunity to:

  • Interact with senior officials within DoD and throughout the Federal Government.
  • Develop a thorough knowledge of aquisition policy development and execution.
  • Enhance the skills needed to prepare, advocate, and revise policy practices and procedures.
  • Promote different perspectives within acquisition policy decision-making, while engaging in a career-broadening experience.

Project Descriptions

Application Process

Step 1: Applicant must review the project descriptions (see above) and select their area(s) of interest. Applicants are also encouraged to suggest specific topics or projects within their area(s) of interest.

Step 2: Applicant must complete the AEP application in its entirety to be eligible for selection.

Step 3: Applicant must e-mail ADA their completed application and current resume.

Selection Process

The AEP Program Manager will forward the application packages to the ADA Deputy Directors for review. The ADA Deputy Directors will review the applications and, if required, interview the applicants to determine which applicant(s) is best suited for the current opportunities and assignments.

Specific elements of each rotational assignment will be negotiated between the Office of the Director of ADA, the selected applicant, and the applicant’s organization/Defense Agency’s leadership and/or immediate supervisor. Specific assignments will be based on the urgency of requirements, inputs from the applicant's leadership, and the approved duration of the rotational assignment.

The AEP Program Manager will send the nomination package to the Director of ADA for final approval.

The Deputy Directors will notify applicants of their selection status.

Additional notes

  • Applicants must be Government Civilian employees.
  • Please allow at least 3 months before the proposed start date for the application to be processed and routed for approval.
  • If you have any questions regarding your application or the application process, please contact us.

Please be aware that coverage of travel and temporary relocation expenses are not paid for or reimbursed by ADA. TDY travel in support of ADA initiatives during the rotational period is reimbursable by ADA.