Acquisition Intelligence Policy

The AID provides integrated acquisition and intelligence policy by implementing DoDD 5250.01 Management of Intelligence Mission Data (IMD) in DoD Acquisition and supporting the full suite of 5000 series policies within the Adaptive Acquisition Framework (AAF). The AID’s support to update and implement acquisition intelligence policy continues with the release of DoDI 5000.86 Acquisition Intelligence. This applies one acquisition intelligence policy across all pathways in the AAF and specifies acquisition intelligence roles and responsibilities.

Acquisition Intelligence Guidance

We provide guidance for effectively integrating intelligence inputs into acquisition programs in several key resources. From threat intelligence support and Intelligence Mission Data (IMD) support to supply chain risk management, the AID provides guidance for intelligence inputs throughout the acquisition lifecycle.

Intelligence Support to the Adaptive Acquisition Framework (ISTAAF)

The ISTAAF Guidebook replaces the Defense Acquisition Guide Chapter 7 “Intelligence Support and Acquisition” and supports the new Adaptive Acquisition Framework. It provides optional guidance to Program Managers (PMs) and the acquisition intelligence analysts who support them in order to acquire, integrate, manage, mitigate, and use intelligence to deliver maximum warfighting capability at minimum risk to cost, schedule, performance, and national security. This Guide provides links to exemplars, best practices, and resources for intelligence support to DoD acquisition processes.

Intelligence Integration into Acquisition Programs

In September 2019 at the direction of OUSDI (Strategy, Programs, & Resources), the AID conducted a series of MDAP engagements and site visits to assess the integration of intelligence and acquisition. Resulting recommendations focused on a need for policy to mandate better integration, increased involvement of intelligence personnel in the RFP and Test/Evaluation processes, and digital tools to support cross-Service collaboration and discoverability of intelligence products. The results of the assessment resulted in AID tasks to create the Joint Acquisition Intelligence for Mission Integration (JAIMI) application for the workforce and the Acquisition Intelligence Career Occupational Program (AICOP). The assessment results are available by contacting our office.

Intelligence Data Working Group (CAC Required)

Overseen by the Acquisition Intelligence Joint Integration Cell (AcqInt-JIC), the Intelligence Data Working Group is a cross-Service collaboration effort to enable synchronization of Acquisition Intelligence and Intelligence Mission Data (IMD) focused efforts, by enhancing coordination between AcqInt/IMD producers, policy makers, and consumers to improve efficiency through the sharing of organizational knowledge.

Acquisition Intelligence Training

To ensure that intelligence personnel supporting acquisition processes have the skills they need to be successful, we partner with OUSD(I) to manage and develop the Acquisition Intelligence Career Occupation Program (AICOP).

Acquisition Intelligence Career Occupation Program

We released the training course for the foundational credential of this program (ACQ 110: Fundamentals of Acquisition Intelligence) in October 2019; the development of the mid- and upper-level credential programs is currently underway. The foundational credential of this program includes ACQ 110 in addition to work experience in the acquisition intelligence community and introductory courses in acquisition (ACQ 1010) and requirements (CLR 101).

Acquisition Intelligence Career Occupation Program: Implementation Guide

The AICOP Implementation Guide provides guidance on the level one (apprentice) credentialing requirements.