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Joseph E. Beauregard

Joseph E. Beauregard

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Pursuant to Public Law 111-23, section 103, ADA carries out performance assessments of major defense acquisition programs (MDAPs) periodically or when requested by the Secretary of Defense, the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment, the Secretary of a military department or the head of a Defense Agency.

Performance assessments evaluate the cost, schedule and performance of the program relative to current metrics including performance requirements and baseline descriptions. The extent to which the level of program cost, schedule and performance predicted relative to such metrics is likely to result in the timely delivery of a level of capability to the warfighter that is consistent with the level of resources to be expended and provides superior value to alternative approaches that may be available to meet the same military requirement. Additionally, performance assessments of each major defense acquisition program that has exceeded critical cost growth thresholds are made by ADA no less than semiannually until one year after the date on which the program receives a new milestone approval. ADA also advises acquisition officials on program performance issues prior to Full Rate Production (FRP) authorization. Altogether, ADA develops policy and guidance, monitors programs, conducts assessments and develops performance measures.

To view selected assessments, root cause analyses, and FFRDC reports, visit the ADA Archive.