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Mr. Brian B. Joseph

Brian B. Joseph

Brian B. Joseph

Deputy Director
Data Analytics

Mr. Brian B. Joseph is a Senior Operations Research Analyst in the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment OUSD (A&S), Acquisition Data and Analytics (ADA). In this role Mr. Joseph serves as the Deputy Director, Data Analytics and Action Officer supporting the Deputy to the Assistant Secretary of Defense, Acquisition Enablers regarding acquisition and sustainment data, metrics, and statistics.

Prior to this Mr. Joseph served as the Statistician, Security Policy & Oversight Division (SPOD), Counterintelligence and Security Directorate, Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence. In this role, Mr. Joseph served as Principal Action Officer to the Director, SPOD regarding DoD personnel security investigations (PSI) metrics. He is (1) responsible for providing annual DoD PSI Projections and Projections Updates to the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), (2) the subject matter expert responsible for collecting security related costs across DoD via Cost Analysis and Program Evaluation’s (CAPE) Quantifying Security Costs Select and Native Programming Data Input System Exhibit database, (3) Reporting annual security classification costs to the Information Security Oversight Organization, and (4) the subject matter expert for RADAR and RAISE. He created one of three DoD Risk Prioritization Models using advanced machine learning techniques where his model was the only one mature enough to be operationalized and used to rate the entire cleared DoD population to decide what individuals in DoD were most risky and should be placed into DoD’s Continuous Evaluation Program. This effort saved the Department $3.5 M in licensing fees in FY17. He served as the Chair, Costing Security Working Group, chartered by the Defense Security Enterprise Advisory Group; Co-Chair, Quality Assessment Working Group chartered by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and OPM; active member of the Data Standards and Future Workload Projections Working Groups; and also serves as an alternate SPOD member to the OUSDI Planning Programming, Budgeting and Execution Working Group.

Prior to joining SPOD, Mr. Joseph was the Senior Information Technology Specialist/ Statistician at EWA/IIT in support of the Department of State’s Diplomatic Security/Computer Security/Cyber Threat Analysis Department/Operational Threat Analysis Division. In that capacity he acted as the predictive modeling analyst and forensic evidence specialist in the State Department’s Insider Threat Monitoring Program where he liaised with State Department and FBI Special Agents regarding potential criminal digital forensic evidence.

Prior to that Mr. Joseph served twenty years in the United States Marine Corps in numerous leadership and management positions. He deployed to over 6 countries around the world and served in Operation Iraqi Freedom. His final assignments were (1) Enlisted Assignments Monitor where he served as a manpower manager responsible for the staffing of the assignments, reenlistment, and retirement of 7000 enlisted aviation Marine personnel and the priority personnel staffing for four Marine Aircraft Wings which consisted of over 1500 aircraft (AV-8, C-130, CH-46, CH-53, EA6B, FA-18, and MV-22) at Headquarters Marine Corps in Quantico, VA and (2) Aircraft Maintenance Chief where he served as the Production Control Chief/ Acting Production Control Officer/Acting Maintenance Chief for Marine Aircraft Logistics Squadron 16, 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing in Miramar CA.

Mr. Joseph holds Associates Degrees in Cyber Security, Information Technology/Database Management, and Mathematics from Northern Virginia Community College, a Bachelor’s and Dual MBA/Master’s Degree in Environmental Management from the University of Maryland University College, a Master’s Degree in Applied Statistics from the Rochester Institute of Technology, and a Masters of Cost Estimation and Analysis from the Naval Postgraduate School. He also holds graduate certificates in Cost Estimation, Systems Analysis (Operations Research), Systems Engineering, and Space Systems from the Naval Postgraduate School. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Data Science from Northcentral University.

His interests are include Aircraft Systems, Autonomous Systems, Cost Estimation, Counter Intelligence, Cyber Intelligence, Data Mining and Machine Learning, Environmental Systems, Insider Threat Analysis, Intelligence, Manpower Systems, Mathematics, Satellite Communications and Sensor Systems, Security Policy Oversight, Social Media Analysis, Statistics, and Weapons Systems.