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Digital Engineering / Digital Acquisition

A 360° Perspective on IP and Digital Engineering and Acquisition Tools

December 2023

Health of Defense Industrial Base, Small Business Concerns

IP Evaluation

IP Perspectives from OUSD(R&E)

December 2023

IP Strategies

Specially Negotiated License Rights

IP Valuation

January 2017

IP White Paper_Draft prepared by Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA), Commercial Item Group (CIG) – Draft posted as a resource, not official policy, guidance, or direction.

March 2021

Assessing Transfer of Department of Defense-Originated Dual-Use Technology prepared by Center for Government Contracting, George Mason University. Hasik, et al.

May 2022

Modular Open Systems Approach

Regulatory Reform

Sec. 801 IP Pilot Program Overview & Case Study Briefs