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to deliver warfighting capability at the speed of relevance

Welcome to the API IPM Division

Integrated Program Management (IPM), a division of Acquisition Policy and Innovation (API) serves as the Department of Defense (DoD) focal point for all policy, guidance, and competency relating to EVM/IPM.

Earned Value Management/Integrated Program Management is one of DoD’s and industry’s most powerful program planning and management tools. The purpose of IPM is to ensure sound planning and resourcing of all tasks required for contract performance. It promotes an environment where contract execution data is shared between project personnel and government oversight staff and in which emerging problems are identified, pinpointed, and acted upon as early as possible. IPM provides a structured, objective, and quantitative method to integrate technical work scope, cost, and schedule objectives into a cohesive contract baseline plan called a Performance Measurement Baseline (PMB) for tracking contract performance.


Promoting data driven decisions that improve acquisition outcomes through recognized management practices, flexible policy and guidance, innovative methods, and IPM knowledge/expertise.

EVMS & Reporting Requirements

Applying EVM on a new contract? Find the most current EVMS Application Requirements and EVM Reporting Requirements tables on the DAU website.

For more information on IPM policy or implementation guidance, see Policies and Instructions.

Organizational Pillars

Promoting IPM

Promote IPM disciplines on all programs across the Adaptive Acquisition Framework
through identification
of best practices

Creating Flexible
Policy and

Equip Program Managers with Integrated Program Management tools that are tailored to the
needs of the program

Innovating at the
Speed of Relevance

Become the center of excellence for IPM methodologies through data analytics, IPM innovation cell, and repository of IPM approaches, lessons learned, and best practices

Fostering IPM
Expertise and

Improve and maintain IPM
expertise and knowledge in conjunction with DAU,
Government, and industry

Vision and Values

We aim to be the most accessible, reliable, innovative, and progressive organization, fostering open communication and transparency for comprehensive Integrated Program Management education, policy, and guidance.

  • Innovation
  • Precision / Quality
  • Consistency / Reliability
  • Integrity / Personal Accountability
  • Teamwork
  • Collaboration

Need Help?

Do you have questions about EVM/IPM policy and guidance, how to analyze and interpret EVM data, or how to apply EVM/IPM policies to a new contract? Contact the API IPM Division for answers!