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Getting Started with the EVM-CR

This page contains user guides with step-by-step instructions on how to use the EVM-CR, downloadable desktop tools to view and validate IPMR/IPMDAR files, and training information to learn more about the system.

To get started, follow our Registration Instructions to establish your account in the EVM-CR system.

Release Notes

User Resources

New Tool

IPMDAR Analyzer Tool

Desktop tool that allows for Cost Schedule Integration (CSI) between files. Validation of cost files against schedule, cost to cost, and against IPMDAR DEI & FFS.

Download Tool (Download Instructions, password: EVM TOOL)
IPMDAR Advanced Analysis Tool
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Our User Guides and other training materials below are designed to help you use the EVM-CR system successfully. To inquire about other training opportunities for your group, please contact us.

EVM-CR Submitter Webinar

Introduction to the EVM-CR for industry users responsible for EVM-CR deliveries. (May 2020)

Reviewer/Analyst Training

Includes registration, new contract set up and navigation of the EVM-CR. (Feb. 2020)

Submitter FAQ

Answers to some of our users' most common questions

Support Contractor NDAs

The EVM-CR houses data delivered by industry which is considered to be company proprietary. Access to this data within our system can only be granted to support contractors with approved, signed, company-to-company NDAs.

Email Support Contractor NDAs to the Help Desk