Assistant Secretary of Defense (Acquisition)

Acquisition Integration and Interoperability (AI2)


The Acquisition Integration and Interoperability (AI2) Office was established in January 2023 to build an enduring acquisition infrastructure for seamlessly delivering joint, system-of-systems capabilities. Partnering across OSD, the Joint Staff, and the Military Departments and Military Services, Al2 will provide mission management through dedicated system-of-systems analysis to create innovative ways to deliver joint capabilities and influence resourcing recommendations across the department.

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Dave Tremper

Executive Director, Acquisition Integration and Interoperability (AI2)

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When acquisition is driven by platform centric requirements, seams are created which impact joint mission readiness. With our partners, AI2 is looking across the joint mission space, to identify and close joint mission seams that are inadvertently created between traditional Service and platform-centric acquisition processes.

- Mr. Dave Tremper

What We Do

  • Conduct system-of-systems mission analysis to determine impacts from innovative joint acquisition strategies which leverage existing Military Department and service-specific system acquisition mechanisms
  • Analyze processes necessary for deploying operational capabilities to identify opportunities for process and policy improvements which can facilitate capability acceleration
  • Support acquisition portfolio reviews to deliver analysis-based resourcing and enterprise decisions for joint capability delivery

Our Focus

  • Institutionalizing lessons learned from the newly established Competitive Advantage Pathfinders (CAP) that reduce time to delivery by identifying and breaking down barriers impeding capability fielding
  • Driving Integrated Acquisition Portfolio Reviews (IAPR) that enable leaders to look at joint acquisition challenges through operational mission lenses to synchronize warfighting concepts, requirements, and program execution
  • Aligning Service-specific system acquisition programs, prototypes, and S&T projects in support of joint capabilities