Capabilities - Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS)

The Government needs to understand where tax dollars are spent. The ability to look at contracts across government agencies, in greater detail, is a key component in establishing trust in our government and credibility in the professionals who use these contracts. Further, it provides opportunity for the government to better assess where its money is being spent, thereby offering opportunities to better determine how to most effectively and efficiently expend those resources. FPDS contains contracting data that allows for this kind of insight. It is also relied upon to create recurring and special reports to the President, Congress, Government Accountability Office, federal executive agencies and the general public.

FPDS Facts

  • Nearly 60,000 government employees are enabled users of the FPDS system
  • DoD reported over 3.5M contract actions with obligations over $372B to FPDS in FY09

Version 1.5 Deployment

Data Improvement

The Data Improvement Plan and all of its exhibits have moved. To find the most recent OSD Data Improvement Plan, click here.

Department of Defense FPDS Policy Memos