Data Standards - Purchase Request Data Standard (PRDS)

To achieve traceability and transparency of contract expenditures, the Department of Defense must properly link requirements, as documented in purchase requests (PRs), to their commitments and through to any subsequent procurement actions and payments. The PR is the source of much of the data used in procurement actions, and therefore defines the supplies or services to be delivered, paid for, and recorded on the Department’s books. Alignment of requirements through the procure-to-pay (P2P) process enables more accurate order fulfillment and promotes greater auditability in the Department. Key to this traceability is the establishment of a standard business process and data set for exchanging PRs.

The Purchase Request Data Standard (PRDS) is based on and designed to be congruent with the Procurement Data Standard (PDS). Much like the PDS, the PRDS represents an entire purchase request as discretely identifiable data elements in an XML structure. In addition to the necessary data on a purchase request, the PRDS is capable of transmitting the additional pieces of data found in a Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request (MIPR, DD form 448), the MIPR Acceptance (DD-448-2), and other inter/intra-governmental transactions (IGT).

For a further explanation of the PRDS XML structure, please see the charts provided.

The following memoranda support the PRDS implementation.