Purchase Cards - SmartPay 3 Transition Information

SmartPay3 Policy Memos

Award of DoD SmartPay3 Government Purchase Card Tailored Task Orders

SP3 Transition Memorandum #1

This memo introduces the newly awarded SmartPay®3 (SP®3) Tailored Task Orders (TTOs) to U.S. Bank: Department of the Army/Department of the Air Force/Defense Agencies and Activities and the Department of the Navy. It requires that all components immediately take action to resolve account delinquencies and disputes, and proactively manage Cardholder account spending limits to both reduce risk of theft or loss, and complete transaction reviews in the applicable data mining system (i.e., PCOLS or PAT).

Mandated Closure of Purchase Card on Line System Data Mining Open Cases

SP3 Transition Memorandum #2

This memo facilitates the orderly sunset of the subject process and complies with the requirements to close all Data Mining (DM) cases no later than 21 December 2018 as set forth in the “Award of DoD SmartPay®3 Government Purchase Card Tailored Task Orders” memorandum. Due to the high number of open cases requiring adjudication, the Defense Pricing and Contracting/ Contracting eBusiness office (DPC/CeB) has determined that a stratified sampling review of the DM Open Case Backlog will be required. DPC/CeB plans to release two iterations of a spreadsheet listing all open DM cases on approximately 15 October 2018.

Appointment of Government wide Commercial Purchase Card Officials

SP3 Transition Memorandum #3

Well defined roles and responsibilities is a key internal control requirement for successful execution of the Department of Defense (DoD) Government wide Commercial Purchase Card (GPC) program. To ensure GPC officials are consistently held accountable to execute standard enterprise-wide roles and responsibilities, the Joint Appointment Module (JAM), which deployed as an application within the Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment (PIEE) in September 2018, is now the enterprise tool for appointing and delegating authority to GPC personnel.

Delay in Data Mining Case Adjudications within Insightson Demand

SP3 Transition Memorandum #4

Due to a hierarchy issue with Insights on Demand (IOD), U.S.Bank’s data mining solution for SmartPay® case assignments for adjudication havebeen delayed. Case assignments will begin on approximately December 19, 2018,at which point A/BOs will need to immediately begin adjudicating their cases.All efforts will be made to accelerate this date and mitigate the impact ofthis delay.

Purchase Card Online System Data Mining Case ClosureNon-Compliance Ramifications

SP3 Transition Memorandum #5

On October 11, 2018, OUSD(A&S) DPC/CeB mandated that allopen SmartPay (SP) 2 data mining (DM) cases valued at $1,000 or greater shallbe closed no later than December 21, 2018. Until such closure/adjudication, SP3successor accounts are to have transaction authority of $1. To ensurecompliance with this policy, on January 7, 2019, OUSD(A&S) DPC/CeB willdirect U.S. Bank to reduce the managing account (MA) transaction authority foreach SP3 successor account with open DM cases. Once the open cases have been closedat the MA level, the preexisting account thresholds will be reinstated.

Department of Defense SmartPay3 Government-wide Commercial Purchase Card Policies, Procedures and Tools

SP3 Transition Memorandum #6

This memo and its attachment specify updated policies, procedures, and electronic program management and control compliance tools mandated for use by all DoD Components executing transactions under the terms of the U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force and Defense Agencies and Activities, and U.S. Navy GPC SP3 Tailored Task Orders.

Purchase Card On Line System Data Mining Case Closure, Phase 2

SP3 Transition Memorandum #7

This memo addresses the status of the required closure of Purchase Card On-Line System (PCOLS) data mining cases under SmartPay® 2. The remaining unadjudicated PCOLS cases with transactions valued at $1,000 or greater that posted after September 15, 2018, must be closed within three weeks of April 19, 2019. DPC will instruct U.S. Bank to reduce the associated SP3 Managing Accounts' transaction authority to $1 for all cases remaining open past the suspense date, if not already reduced.

Closeout of Air Force/Defense Agencies SmartPay2 Task Order

SP3 Transition Memorandum #8

DPC/CeB is initiating the SP2 AF/DA task order closeout process. This will first require closeout of all SP2 managing and cardholder accounts, including Annual Managing Account Reviews, SP2 GPCs and convenience checks, and other SP2 closeout items. A/OPCs are required to close outstanding delinquencies, disputes, and other open transactions in a timely manner, working with the bank until all CH and MA accounts under their purview are closed.

Refund Validation under SmartPay3

SP3 Transition Memorandum #9

Every quarter, the Component Program Manager (CPM) or his/her designee is responsible for working closely with the Comptroller to ensure that the accuracy of refunds earned are validated and that refund receipts are properly recorded. CPMs and Comptrollers can use the bank's Quarterly Refund Summary and Quarterly Refund Detail reports to validate refunds earned.

Deployment of Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment Joint Appointment Module Government-wide Commercial Purchase Card Cardholder Appointment Capability

SP3 Transition Memorandum #10

On June 23, 2019, the Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment Release 6.0.0 deployed the ability to issue Joint Appointment Module (JAM) GPC Cardholder (incorporates carded, cardless, and convenience check accounts) appointments, including 10 GPC CH Special Designation Authority Types. This release completes the initial implementation of the GPC JAM appointment workflow capability for all GPC roles that require formal delegation authority and/or appointment.

Department of Defense Policies and Procedures Governing Non-Appropriated Funds SmartPay3 Government-wide Commercial Purchase Card Use

SP3 Transition Memorandum #11

The Department of Defense (DoD) Charge Card Guidebook policies require that all Government Purchase Card (GPC) SmartPay® 3 (SP3) programs using Non-Appropriated Funds (NAF) must comply with the same policies, practices, and regulations as those using Appropriated Funds. DPC has established a new internal control that will be applicable to all NAF GPC SP3 programs from the effective date of this memorandum in order to ensure NAF funded GPCs are properly segregated for oversight.

Department of Defense SmartPay3 Government-wide Commercial Purchase Card Oversight and Reporting

SP3 Transition Memorandum #12

This memorandum specifies updated milestones for the full implementation of policies, procedures, and electronic program management and control compliance tools mandated for use during the DoD Government-wide Commercial Purchase Card SmartPay® 3 task orders. Components are required to fully implement the Monthly Agency/Organization Program Coordinator (A/OPC) and Semi-Annual Head of Activity (HA) Review processes as specified in the timeframes provided.

Governmentwide Commercial Purchase Card Program Use of Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment Single Sign On and Task Queue

SP3 Transition Memorandum #13

This memo establishes a deadline of December 31, 2021 for all DoD Governmentwide Commercial Purchase Card (GPC) personnel to use the Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment (PIEE) Single Sign-On (SSO) capability to log in to U.S. Bank’s Access Online, and for Agency/Organization Program Coordinators to use their PIEE Task Queue (PTQ) in Access Online to link Joint Appointments Module (JAM) appointments to Access Online user ID profiles, and managing and card accounts.

Department of Defense SmartPay3 Government-wide Commercial Purchase Card FY21 Oversight and Reporting Schedule Delays and Updated Guidance on Statistical Reporting

SP3 Transition Memorandum #14

This memo codifies the reporting extensions in the updated mandatory schedule and associated guidance for GPC Monthly A/OPC and Semi-Annual Head of Activity Review (SAHAR) reports. This memo also updates the statistical reporting policy in SP3 Transition Memo #12 to account for capabilities U.S. Bank deployed in December 2020 that support the OMB Circular A-123, Appendix B, requirements for GSA's Center for Charge Card Management to obtain statistical reporting data in an electronic, automated manner from the contractor banks. Lastly, this memo notifies Components that plans to develop and deploy a Quarterly Data Mining Case Validation Review process have been canceled.

Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment

6.0.0 Release

The Procurerment Integrated Enterprise Environment (PIEE) 6.0.0 release deployed June 24, 2019. This release impacts the following enterprise-wide capabilities: (1) the Electronic Data Access (EDA) system, (2) the Contracting Officer Representative Tracking (CORT) Tool (reengineered into the Joint Appointment Module (JAM) and Surveillance Performance Monitoring (SPM)), and (3) an enhancement for Government Purchase Card (GPC) Cardholder roles to be available for nomination and appointment in JAM.

Governmentwide Commercial Purchase Card Disciplinary Category Definitions Guidance

The subject memorandum was issued by the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment, Defense Pricing and Contracting/Contracting eBusiness. This memo establishes final Government Commercial Purchase Card (GPC) Disciplinary Category definitions guidance, to be adopted for use across all DoD GPC SmartPay 3 programs. This guidance unifies disciplinary category terms and associated definitions across Federal Government charge card programs to ensure continued accurate and complete GPC reporting by all DoD Components.

SmartPay3 Systems

Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment

Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment (PIEE) is a Procurement Portfolio Capability that:

  • Leverages cloud technology
  • Uses single sign-on (SSO) capability to access system applications hosted internal and external to the environment
  • Standardizes access management using standard role-based access to applications
  • Standardizes procurement hierarchy for purchase card and procurement
  • Enables rapid development and deployment of applications
  • Enables a growing set of Application Programming Interfaces (API) to other systems dependent on procurement data
  • Provides common services (testing, Continuity of Operations (COOP), archive retention, security) to applications hosted in the environment
  • Enables a data environment that leverages data from multiple applications
  • Enables the Purchase Card community to manage appointments, training, oversight and reporting along with the ability to Single Sign On to EAS and DM tools based on a standardized DoDAAC hierarchy.

In August 2018 the WAWF eBusiness suite was rebranded as PIEE; the Invoice, Receipt, Acceptance and Property Transfer (iRAPT) application returned to its original name, WAWF. The timing of this rebranding coincided with a software release that will streamline various Enterprise operational support capabilities (e.g., common test, continuity of operations, archive retention, security, etc.)

Joint Appointment Module (JAM) GPC Role Descriptions

This document provides a table that lists each GPC JAM and PIEE role. The table (1) provides a crosswalk to the former SmartPay 2 roles (when applicable), (2) identifies who requests each role, (3) states whether each role results in a JAM appointment, (4) indicates if/how PIEE access is initiated, and (5) identifies whether a warrant is issued for the role. It also describes the four approaches for identifying individuals authorized to sign JAM GPC Delegation of Authority / Appointment Letters, and it addresses JAM appointments for FedMall shoppers.

GPC Role Descriptions

US Bank Access Online

Access Online is the SP3 electronic access system in which account maintenance, transaction management and order management take place.

Mastercard Insights On Demand

MasterCard Insights on Demand (IOD) is the SP3 data mining tool used to adjudicate cases, and perform oversight functions.


Insights On Demand

Completion of SP3 IOD data mining training is mandatory for all DoD Approving/Billing Officials (A/BOs), Agency/Organization Program Coordinators (A/OPCs), and Oversight A/OPCs (OA/OPCs); and highly recommended for Component Program Managers (CPMs). The goal of this training is to help individuals learn how to navigate the IOD platform and leverage its features to review, research, and resolve cases, as well as to conduct program oversight.

Training can be completed in three ways:

  • Register for and attend an online IOD webinar. You can access the schedule that lists current webinar dates/times by logging into Access Online, clicking “Training,” scrolling to the “Insights on Demand” topic in the Announcements area, and copying the URL into a new browser tab.
  • Watch a recording of the IOD webinar. You can access the recording by logging into Access Online, clicking “Training,” scrolling to the “Insights on Demand” topic in the Announcements area, and copying the URL into a new browser tab.
  • Attend in-person training. You can access a form to schedule in-person training by logging into Access Online, clicking “Training,” scrolling to the “Insights on Demand” topic in the Announcements area, and copying the URL into a new browser tab. A minimum of 20 trainees is required for onsite training.

Upon Training Completion

  • Completing course via online video Webinar (#2 above)
    • You are required to send an email to - iodgov@oversightsystems.com
    • Please ensure the subject line reads "IOD DOD Training Video Completion"
    • Please Note:Your training completion will not be captured unless you use this exact subject line. The body of the email can be left blank.
  • Print the certificate and fill it out. Your training certificate will be the last slide in the training deck
  • Once you have established a Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment (PIEE) account, ensure the certificate is loaded into your profile. For information on uploading training certificates to PIEE, see 3OP010 - Uploading Training Certificates to PIEE-JAM.

Additional IOD training materials, including user guides, supplemental training lessons, and related documentation, are available by logging into Access Online, clicking "Training," and opening the topic area "Work with Insights on Demand.”

Recorded Training Video: Monthly Review Checklist Process and Monthly A/OPC Review Report is available in Access Online Web-Based Training.

Joint Appointment Module (JAM)

JAM web-based training modules are available as both video “point and click demos” and “scripted screen shots.” They include topics such as how to register for GPC roles and request access to the Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment (PIEE) (e.g., GPC Delegating / Appointing Authority Registration workflow) and how to request/process specific JAM appointments (e.g., Agency/Organization Program Controller (A/OPC) Appointment workflow).

JAM Web-Based Training

Department of Defense Activity Address Code (DoDAAC) Basics Training

DoDAAC Basics Training provides a primer on what DoDAACs are and how they are used in the Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment (PIEE) hierarchy. The PIEE hierarchy is the organizational structure used to support JAM appointments.

DoDAAC Basics Training

GPC Program One-Pagers

GPC Program One-Pagers are “quick start guides” that address various GPC policies and systems. Many One-Pagers have been developed to address items related to SmartPay3 systems.

U.S. Bank offers a wide variety of training resources related to use of Access Online. These resources can be accessed by logging into Access Online https://access.usbank.com/ and clicking “Training.”

GPC One-Pagers


Please submit your completed form via email through your GPC chain of command to your Service/Agency Component Program Manager (CPM). Only the Service/Agency CPM or their designee can submit this form for consideration.