Purchase Cards - Training

DAU GPC Courses

The interactive GPC courses are accessible at the DAU website. To download a static copy of the course materials, use the links below.

Training Requirements

Click here for a matrix of the DoD GPC Program's required and recommended training at a glance.

DoD-level GPC Policy Required Training

DoD-Level GPC Policy Available/Recommended Training

While DoD-level GPC policy does not require completion of the following courses, they are required by many Service/Component and/or Local GPC policies. Because each Service/Agency may have developed their own equivalent training or added additional training requirements for GPC program officials, please see your Service/Component GPC instructions or contact your installation-level A/OPC for additional information. As we become aware of additional available special-use courses, we will add them here.

GPC Program One-Pagers

GPC Program One-Pagers are quick-start guides that address various GPC policies and systems.

News and Events

2023 GSA SmartPay Training Forum

Three-Pronged Oversight Resources

Emergency-Type Operations

Click here for training related to the DPC memorandum “ Updates to and Re-emphasis of Governmentwide Commercial Purchase Card Emergency-Type Operations Requirements (2024-02),” dated 3/20/2024.

Access Online

U.S. Bank offers a wide variety of training resources related to use of the SP3 electronic access system, Access Online. These resources can be accessed by logging into Access Online via SSO at https://piee.eb.mil/xhtml/unauth/home/login.xhtml and clicking on the Training link.

Insights on Demand (IOD)

The mandatory IOD training is listed above.

Training can be completed in three ways:

  • Register for and attend an online IOD webinar. You can access the schedule that lists current webinar dates/times by logging into Access Online, clicking “Training,” and clicking “Go to Insights on Demand Class Registration.”
  • Watch a recording of the IOD webinar. You can access the recording by logging into Access Online, clicking “Training,” and clicking “Go to Insights on Demand Class Registration.”
  • Attend in-person training. You can access a form to schedule in-person training by logging into Access Online, clicking “Training,” and clicking “Go to Insights on Demand Class Registration.” A minimum of 20 trainees is required for onsite training.


Please Note: If you completed the course by watching the recorded webinar (#2 above), you are required to send an email to: iodgov@oversightsystems.com with the subject “IOD DOD Training Video Completion.” Your training completion will not be captured unless you use this exact subject line. The body of the email can be left blank.

  • Print the certificate and fill it out. Your training certificate will be the last slide in the training deck.
  • Once you have established a PIEE account, ensure the certificate is loaded into your profile. For information on uploading training certificates to PIEE, see 3OP010 - Uploading Training Certificates to PIEE-JAM

Additional IOD training materials, including recorded classes, user guides, quick reference documentation, and registration for supplemental live training lessons, are available by logging into Access Online, clicking "Training,” “Insights on Demand,” and “Department of Defense.” These materials include the following:

Recorded Classes
  • A/BO Case Management
  • A/OPC Case Management
  • Monthly A/OPC Review Report
  • SAHAR Report
User Guides
  • A/OPC Monthly / SAHAR Report Line-Item Validation
  • Dashboard
  • Role-Based Training
  • Workbench Comparison
Quick-Reference Documents
  • Case Creation
  • Case and Review Status Definitions, Flow, and Processing
  • FAQs
  • IOD Profiles
  • Login and Assigned Case Work
  • Monthly A/OPC Review Report
  • Monthly Review Not Ready to Certify
  • SAHAR Report
  • Tier 2 Template
  • Tier 2 Template Keywords
  • User Setup Validation

Joint Appointment Module (JAM)

JAM Web-Based Training

JAM web-based training modules are available as both video “point and click demos” and “scripted screen shots.” They include topics such as how to register for GPC roles and request access to the Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment (PIEE) (e.g., GPC Delegating/Appointing Authority Registration workflow) and how to request/process specific JAM appointments (e.g., A/OPC Appointment workflow).

Department of Defense Activity Address Code (DoDAAC) Basics Training

DoDAAC Basics Training provides a primer on what DoD AACs are and how they are used in the Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment (PIEE) hierarchy. The PIEE hierarchy is the organizational structure used to support JAM appointments.