Contract Policy - Reporting

Reports on Domestic Preference Contracting


DoD reports demonstrate efforts made to increase the Department’s Made in America purchasing.


EO 14005 requires DoD and other agencies to report on our ongoing implementation of Made in America Laws, our analysis of goods, products, materials, and services that are not subject to Made in America Laws or where requirements of the Made in America Laws have been waived, and our analysis of spending as a result of waivers issued pursuant to the Trade Agreements Act.



Reports on International Contracting


DoD prepares a report on purchases from foreign entities each fiscal year. The report includes the dollar value of items for which the Buy American statute was waived pursuant to any reciprocal defense procurement Memorandum of Understanding, the Trade Agreement Act, or any international agreement to which the United States is a party.


Note that there is a difference between buying from a foreign entity and buying goods that are not made in America. Purchase from a forging entity means that the company supplying the product is owned by a foreign entity, without regard to where the product was manufactured.