Contract Policy - Interagency Acquisition

An interagency acquisition is a procedure by which an agency needing supplies or services (the requesting agency) obtains them from another agency (the servicing agency), by an assisted acquisition or a direct acquisition. Interagency acquisitions are commonly conducted through indefinite-delivery contracts, such as task- and delivery-order contracts.

In some cases, the assisting agency provides customized acquisition and contracting support to a DoD customer (assisted acquisitions). In other cases, a DoD contracting officer places an order against an assisting agency's contract vehicle (direct acquisition).

In accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulation 17.703 (a), a DoD acquisition official may request a nondefense agency to conduct an acquisition on behalf of DoD in excess of the simplified acquisition threshold only if the head of the nondefense agency conducting the acquisition on DoD's behalf has certified that the agency will comply with applicable procurement requirements for that fiscal year.

Listed below are those Agencies that have certified for the current Fiscal Year. If an agency has not certified, a DoD Component must obtain a waiver as outlined in FAR 17.703(e). The waiver approval authority, the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment, has been delegated to the Component Senior Procurement Executive (SPE), with the ability to re-delegate to no lower than the Head of the Contracting Activity.

Section 801 (2008 NDAA) Certifications:

Section 801 of the Fiscal Year 2008 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), "Internal Controls for Procurements on Behalf of the Department of Defense by certain Non-Defense Agencies," required the heads of all non-DoD agencies that provide acquisition support to the Department certify that their respective non-Defense agencies will comply with defense procurement requirements for assisted acquisitions executed on behalf of DoD. This requirement is included in the FAR at FAR 17.7.

FY 2024 Section 801 (2008 NDAA) Certifications:

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