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Interagency Acquisition

Acquiring via non-DoD agencies

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Labor Policy

Services and construction contracts

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Defense Base Act Insurance

Contractors performing OCONUS

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Other Transactions

Contract Administration

Contract Type

Federal Prison Industries

Intellectual Property

DoD policy for acquisition and licensing of Intellectual Property (IP) is in DoD Instruction 5010.44.

The following information was developed as a companion to the new DoDI 5000.02 requirement for an "IP Strategy" - see Intellectual Property Strategy Guidance Brochure.

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Services Acquisition

The most recent version of the DoDI 5000.74 may be found here

The instruction:

  • Establishes policy, assigns responsibilities, and provides direction for the acquisition of services.
  • Establishes a management structure for the acquisition of services and provides implementation procedures.

If you have questions regarding the Acquisition of Services, please contact DPC, Contract Policy by clicking here

Services Acquisition Guides & Handbooks

DoD Contracting Officer’s Representatives Guidebook(October 2022)

DoD Handbook of Contract Function Checklists for Services Acquisition(May 2018)

DoD Handbook for Services Acquisition, Independent Government Costs Estimate (IGCE)(February 2018)

Contracts for Services

Inventory of Contracts for Services [by Fiscal Year]