Contract Policy - Procurement Management Reviews (PMRs)

The DPC PMR program is designed to enhance the performance of the Department’s contracting function. DCMA leads PMRs at Other Defense Agencies (ODAs) and 4th Estate Contracting Activities using teams of volunteers from the Contracting Competency throughout the Department. The reviews assess:

  • Compliance with statutes, regulations and policies;
  • Structure, processes and practices of the Contracting office as they relate to meeting mission requirements; and
  • Training, morale, and other environmental factors that enable success.

The result of each review is a report that identifies the PMR team’s findings, recommendations, suggestions, and commendations.

PMR Schedule

The DCMA PMR Point of Contact

COL Joseph M. Davis


Generally each Contracting Activity is reviewed once every three years:

PMR Year in Review Newsletter

Each FY, the best practices and lessons learned are combined into an annual Newsletter that is distributed Department-wide.