Our Focus

OUSD A&S Strategic Road Map

Transforming and enabling the Contracting Workforce

The foundation and future of the DoD contracting profession lies within the DoD acquisition workforce. Serving as the Functional Leader for the Contracting Functional Area consisting of over 32,000 contracting professionals who procure over $400 billion annually, Defense Pricing and Contracting advocates for the workforce.

This year Defense Pricing and Contracting is partnering with DAU to provide relevant, “just in time” education to the workforce by transforming the Contracting Certification from three levels to one, through the “Back to Basics” initiative.

Adapting policies to enable access to innovative technologies

DPC advocates and promotes the use of and access to innovative processes and technologies. Through policy adaptation, DPC plays a role in enabling year over year growth in the use of Other Transactions Authorities (OTAs) and Commercial Solution Openings.

DPC continues taking steps to expand use to all DoD components with acquisition authority by evolving the OT guide not just as a policy document, but a tool for the DoD acquisition workforce. In collaboration with DAU, DPC is updating the OT guide to improve utility through changes that promote operational use and reduce barriers to execution.

Implementing policies that support supply chain risk management

In recognizing the relationship between protecting our nation’s supply chains and national security, Defense Pricing and Contracting is partnering with our stakeholders to implement policies and regulations in line with Domestic Preference requirements, such as Executive Order 14006: Ensuring the Future is Made in All of America by All of America’s Workers and Section 825 of the FY 21 NDAA: Enhanced Domestic Content Requirement for Major Defense Acquisition Programs, as well as Cybersecurity requirements such as the FAR Implementation of Section 889 of the FY 19 NDAA and DFARS Implementation of CMMC.

Continuing to address COVID-19

Defense Pricing and Contracting continues to take proactive, immediate actions in response to the COVID-19 crisis by implementing congressional direction, empowering the contracting workforce, and ensuring a healthy Defense Industrial Base through continued guidance and direction.

Defense Pricing and Contracting has taken measures to ensure the widest dissemination of COVID-19-related guidance to the contracting community. Through the issuance of numerous guidance documents, Defense Pricing and Contracting assisted in enabling billions to be obligated for medical equipment/supplies.

Enabling data driven decisions

Defense Pricing and Contracting partners with the Components to ensure functional process, policy, and data requirements are incorporated in DoD-wide procurement-related business initiatives and systems.

In addition, Defense Pricing and Contracting represents the Department's requirements with the federal Integrated Award Environment (IAE) portfolio of programs such as the System for Award Management (SAM) and Federal Procurement Data Systems (FPDS).

Streamlining contract pricing while improving affordability

Defense Pricing and Contracting crafts pricing and financing guidance, policy, tools, and training to enhance DoD pricing skill sets and expedite quality deals. In addition to managing the FY 19 NDAA Section 890 “TINA Lite” Pilot program, Defense Pricing and Contracting is partnering with DAU to provide real-time training through the “Striking the Balance” training series which has reached over 7,000 online participants.