Acquisition Exchange Program

The nomination period for FY 2023 is closed.

Future calls for nominations and closing dates will be posted on this site.


The Defense Pricing and Contracting (DPC) Acquisition Exchange Program (AEP) provides a unique career developmental experience for high-caliber individuals in acquisition and acquisition-related career fields.

The AEP represents a serious commitment on the part of DPC to provide a valuable career development experience to individuals in the acquisition community.


Defense Pricing and Contracting’s AEP provides participants insight into, and experience in, the development and implementation of DoD-wide acquisition policy. The tour culminates with a presentation to Defense Pricing and Contracting Senior Leaders.

Candidates work in a DPC Directorate to enhance their pricing and contracting skills as well as to develop their managerial and leadership skills as they prepare for future positions within the acquisition community.

Sponsoring DPC Directorates include:

The program has been in place since 2001 and over 300 candidates have participated from the Services as well as Defense Agencies.

AEP cycle:

  • August/September:Call for candidates
  • November:Notification of approved participants
  • January:Program start (9 – 12 month duration)

Application Process

To apply for acceptance into the AEP, candidates should review the DPC website, select areas of interest, and submit a completed application along with a current resume. Applicants must already be DoD government civilian employees. Application submission details are on the application and FAQs provide additional useful information.

Selection Process

After the closing date of the announcement, the AEP Program Manager will forward the application packages to the DPC Directors for their review. The Directors will review the applications and, if required, interview the applicants to determine who are best suited for the current opportunities and assignments.

Once these evaluations are completed, the Directors will prioritize and forward their recommendations / nominations to the AEP Program Manager who will then forward the nomination package to the DPC Principal Director for final approval.

Specific assignments will be based on urgency of requirements and negotiated between the office of the Principal Director, Defense Pricing and Contracting, the applicant, and the applicant's home Military Department / Defense Agency senior procurement executive and/or immediate supervisor.

Defense Pricing and Contracting will notify applicants of status 30 days after the closing date of announcement. AEPs will likely be in a telework status from their home location, however, DPC will consider opportunities for AEP travel. Additional information about travel and other topics may be found on the DPC webpage in the Frequently Asked Questions.