Price, Cost and Finance - Sole Source Peer Reviews


The Sole Source Peer Review program provides expert pricing advice, improves the quality of the business deal, and facilitates the sharing of best practices and lessons learned across the Department. The program is implemented in accordance with DFARS 201.170 and DFARS PGI 201.170.


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In her webinar titled Striking the Balance-Lessons Learned and Best Practices on Speed, Price and Quality, DPC PCF Director Ms. Muskopf elaborated on best practices and lessons learned she has encountered during the Sole Source Peer Reviews she has conducted. This briefing can be located here.


The Sole Source Pricing Best Practices/Lessons Learned document contains best practices captured from Sole Source Peer Reviews across the Department of Defense. The lessons learned are useful for large dollar acquisitions but Contracting Officers and acquisition teams for small dollar actions should consider how they may employ best practices as well. For teams preparing for Sole Source Peer Reviews, PCF has created a Peer Review Preparation Checklist which is best utilized in conjunction with the Peer Review Best Practices and Lessons Learned document as a way to prepare for Peer Review. This checklist captures the most frequent issues that arise but it is not meant to be all encompassing.