Scenario Data Calls

The information below provides the scenario data calls, COBRA data files, and all other supporting information used in formulating DoD's BRAC recommendations. Additional justification data is provided in DoD's recommendation books which are posted on the BRAC Commission's website.
Document Notes
Many documents contained in these files contain headers and footers that describe the documents as "Deliberative Document - For Discussion Purposes Only - Do Not Release Under FOIA." These markings were only applicable during the development of DoD's closure and realignment recommendations. Policy memorandum 1 in DoD's Base Closure and Realignment Report, Volume 1, Part 1 of 2, indicates that these markings are no longer applicable upon the Secretary of Defense releasing his recommendations. Please consider these markings as void.

Optimization Model

In accordance with BRAC Policy Memorandum One, the Military Departments and the Joint Cross-Service Groups (JCSG) had the option to use an analytical tool known as the optimization model to array potential basing configurations. The analytical handbook below describes the optimization model and provides examples. Use of the model by the Military Departments and the JCSGs is documented in their information provided on this website. For technical questions, about the optimization model please call or email Dr. Ron Nickel at 703-602-6523 and
  • Optimization Model Handbook

Military Departments

Department of the Army

Department of the Navy

  • Redacted Activity Data Calls-Final Certified Answers (Capacity) Download 1 | Download 2 | Download 3 | Download 4
  • Redacted Activity Data Calls-Final Certified Answers (Not Capacity) Download
  • Redacted Scenario Data Calls-Final Certified Answers Download
  • Final Certified Answers Cleared for Release to Public Download
  • Capacity Data Call CGE Calculation Guidance Download

Department of the Air Force

(The Air Force did not do scenario data calls, however it did generate scenarios and recommendations.)

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