Scenario Tracking Tool

Document Notes
Many documents contained in these files contain headers and footers that describe the documents as "Deliberative Document - For Discussion Purposes Only - Do Not Release Under FOIA." These markings were only applicable during the development of DoD's closure and realignment recommendations. Policy memorandum 1 in DoD's Base Closure and Realignment Report, Volume 1, Part 1 of 2, indicates that these markings are no longer applicable upon the Secretary of Defense releasing his recommendations. Please consider these markings as void.

Scenario Tracking Tool

The Scenario Tracking Tool was used during the Infrastructure Steering Group's (ISG) de-confliction process. For this purpose, a scenario was defined as "A proposal that has been declared for formal analysis by a Military Department/JCSG deliberative body. The content of a scenario is the same as the content of a proposal. The only difference is that it has been declared for analysis by a deliberative body. Once declared, a scenario is registered at the ISG by inputting it into the ISG BRAC Scenario Tracking Tool". The ISG BRAC Scenario Tracking Tool is provided below. It shows all scenarios and those that eventually became candidate recommendations.

A candidate recommendation was defined as "A scenario that a JCSG or Military Department has formally analyzed against all eight selection criteria and which it recommends to the ISG and IEC respectively for SecDef approval. A JCSG candidate recommendation must be approved by the ISG, IEC, and SecDef before it becomes a recommendation. A Military Department candidate recommendation must be approved by the IEC and SecDef before it becomes a recommendation".

A recommendation was defined as "A candidate recommendation approved by the SecDef".

Cost of Base Realignment Actions (COBRA) Software

COBRA Software Application Instructions
The Cost of Base Realignment Actions (COBRA) model was used to calculate costs, savings, and payback of proposed realignment and closure actions. While the model and manual are available on this web page for historical research, the model itself is no longer supported. The accompanying COBRA Users Manual provides specific instructions in Chapter 2 on how the model installs.
The Department of Defense has provided recommendation books with justification data for the recommendations to the BRAC Commission. The Commission has included this data in their E-Library available on their website. This data contains copies of the COBRA output reports for each recommendation. The data also contain additional files, denoted with a .cbr suffix, that are the COBRA Scenario Data files used to prepare the COBRA reports included with each recommendation.
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