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Solving the Electromagnetic Spectrum Issue:
Enabling Innovation and Economic Growth

The Department of Defense, along with several other federal agencies, is seeking research and development (R&D) collaboration with industry and academia to advance better use of the Electromagnetic Spectrum.

Today, both industry and government have a challenge of satisfying vastly increasing demand for the use of electromagnetic spectrum(s).  Multiple efforts are addressing this fundamental issue as it hampers U.S. innovation and economic growth and hinders U.S. military operations both domestically and overseas. 

The envisioned collaboration between the Government and Industry focuses on four major activities:

  • maturing technologies that assist in improved electromagnetic spectrum awareness, sharing, and use
  • experimentation to better inform the optimal allocation of the spectrum for both public and private objectives
  • demonstration of new technologies to increase trust among spectrum stakeholders
  • policy development to ensure technologies don’t outpace the appropriate guidance for their best use

An industry day will be held on December 5, 2014 in Alexandria that will address Spectrum Access Requirements, Spectrum Access Policy, Personnel & Readiness Training, Governance Process Management, Technical Project Management, and Technology Assessment & Evaluation and Experimentation.

In order to develop and mature technologies and enable advanced approaches to the use of the spectrum, Department of Defense (DOD) is establishing a Section 845 Other Transaction (OTA) agreement with eligible groups. An OTA agreement will help to achieve more rapid contracting, acceleration of discovery, unparalleled ability to tailor research, policy consideration concurrent with technological advances, a more focused and synergistic research agenda, and relief from excessive bureaucratic requirements. 

To date, 92 letters of intent have been received to join the consortium. Any company, university, or research organization is eligible to join the consortium with specialties in wireless technologies, radars and signal processing, electronic warfare, and spectrum monitoring and sensing.

Updated 2/27/15
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