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Celebrating our Engineers: The 9th Annual Pentagon Engineer’s Week

It is no secret what that Engineers are vital to the continued success of priority areas like research and development (R&D), directly impacting the nation’s tech-superiority.  The need to focus on R&D, coupled with uncertain budgets and significant pressure on our workforce and that of the industrial base, directly impact the readiness of the department: affecting design teams, engineers, civilian and military leaders and our innovation processes.

The Department of the Defense is the world’s largest engineering organization consisting of more than 100,000 uniformed and civilian engineers and over 39,000 acquisition corps certified systems engineers. Smart systems engineering is a key integrating function for successful program execution as it maintains the balance between requirements, performance, cost, schedule, and overall effectiveness and affordability.

“I am placing a higher emphasis on systems engineering, both within government and industry, to continue improving our overall innovation, competitiveness, and effectiveness to solve some of the department’s complex problems,” said Frank Kendall, Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics at an engineering celebration in the Pentagon on February 18th. “Making the appropriate investment in systems engineering on the front end enables our ability to achieve the desired results we need throughout a systems lifecycle.”

The need for these engineers are critical is commensurate with the complex systems that the department fields. In order to keep a competitive edge and mitigate new and emerging capabilities, the department, together with the defense industrial base, need to proactively identify engineering challenges to shape future solutions.

Updated 2/25/14
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