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DoD’s Global S&T Strategy

A coordinated and collaborative global science & technology (S&T) approach with partner nations is a DoD priority  in order to improve the output of the Department of Defense’s (DoD) S&T program, and to mitigate the impacts of  rapidly evolving and more complex threats within today’s limited budgets.

One of these partnership efforts is The Technical Cooperation Program (TTCP). TTCP is an international organization that collaborates in defense scientific and technical information exchange; program harmonization and alignment; and shared research activities. This January marked the 48th Meeting of TTCP principals; defense chief scientists from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and the United States met in Porton-Down, England, to discuss aligning efforts across key priority S&T challenges.

Specifically, TTCP member discussions focused on efforts to enhance mutual reliance between their programs, reduce duplicative efforts, and provide an environment that allows subject matter experts from each nation to provide innovative solutions in common defense capability areas. As the work of TTCP continues to evolve, the five governments will work to enable the participating nations to collaborate efficiently and effectively across the research, development, test, and evaluation spectrum. Efforts will include technology demonstrations, prototyping, and operational analysis.

Leveraging these international partnerships and sharing costs today will help to accelerate research and development programs that benefit all of our countries and the warfighter into the future.

"The Department of Defense will work closely with our allies' different and individual strengths and capabilities, from the training of indigenous forces to more advanced combat missions."

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, Munich Security Conference,  February 1, 2014

Updated 3/4/14
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