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Reliance 21: Operating Principles

Reliance 21 logo with eagle in middle ring and outer ring containing words: Defense Science and TechnologyCoordinated research planning is a key strength of the Department’s science and technology (S&T) Enterprise. In this challenging budgetary environment, the Department’s S&T leadership is further strengthening coordination and efficiency through Reliance 21. Reliance 21 provides the overarching framework of the Department of Defense’s (DoD) S&T joint planning and coordination process.

Reliance 21 ensures a collective understanding of the priorities, requirements, and opportunities of the DoD organizations that manage critical S&T resources. DoD S&T communities use Reliance 21 to coordinate and align S&T efforts against capability gaps, and jointly communicate their responses, exploiting synergies and potentially developing new opportunities.

Reliance 21 is not new but has been used for several decades as a means to ensure relevance to S&T efforts as circumstances have evolved. The strength of Reliance 21 is demonstrated in the cross-cutting collaborative teams that provide strategic and technical leadership within the S&T workforce.

Today, Reliance 21 is the construct to balance and ensure a coordinated response to address these three areas:

  1. Mitigate existing or emerging threats
  2. Generate affordability in the systems the Department acquires and operates
  3. Develop technology based surprise for our adversaries

Learn more about Reliance 21 in the Operating Principles document, the managing S&T Executive Committee and the cross-cutting Communities of Interest.

Updated 02/06/14
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