Link DoD Opens Second Innovation Hub in Boston
Posted 7/29/2016
Link DoD, universities partner on multi-disciplinary approach to research
Posted 7/6/2016
Link Navy fields first network-enabled weapon
Posted 7/6/2016
Link Air Force's K. Schario named winner of 2016 DoD tech transfer award
Posted 6/30/2016
Link Value Engineering awards represent billions in DoD cost savings
Posted 6/30/2016
Link HD Glass Prototype Enhances SA
Posted 6/23/2016
Link Countdown to more secure satellite comms: MUOS launches
Posted 6/23/2016
Link Army scientist: 3D printing what soldier needs, when it's needed
Posted 6/6/2016
Link ARL scientists probe TBI effects
Posted 5/20/2016
Link DoD Labs Get Funding to Increase Zika Virus Surveillance
Posted 5/18/2016
Link DoD's Third Offset Strategy: What Man and Machine Can Do Together
Posted 5/5/2016
Link Navy's New Unmanned Sub Hunter Hits the Seas
Posted 4/6/2016
Link Sec Carter Unveils Textiles Manufacturing Innovation Hub
Posted 4/4/2016
Link Carter says budget includes new investments, enhanced capabilities
Posted 3/29/2016
Link University Faculty Named as National Security Fellows
Posted 3/29/2016
Link Sec. Carter wants stronger West Coast tech ties
Posted 3/1/2016
Link DoD Officials before HASC: S&T Investments Critical
Posted 2/26/2016
Link MIT Professor Talks Syn Bio at ONR
Posted 2/18/2016
Link Army Scientists Begin MERS Vaccine Trial
Posted 2/18/2016
Link Sec. Carter visits Navy propulsion lab, says high-end S&T critical
Posted 2/4/2016
Link AFRL collaborates with Nobel Prize winning researchers
Posted 2/3/2016
Link Army electronics engineer awarded for advances in modeling, simulation
Posted 2/3/2016
Link Navy sponsors first detailed computer simulation of injured human leg
Posted 2/3/2016
Link DoD Realigns Counter-IED Capabilities
Posted 2/3/2016
Link AFRL Materials and Manufacturing Directorate honors year's top performers
Posted 1/29/2016
Link Natick scientists collaborating to create 'second-skin' protection
Posted 1/29/2016
Link Improving Tactical Combat Casualty Care to save Soldiers' lives
Posted 1/29/2016
Link Happy Birthday, ONR: 70 Years of Game-Changing Science and Technology
Posted 1/29/2016
Link Army CERDEC to host two-day technical meeting with industry
Posted 1/26/2016
Link University students test a tool kit at Army lab to identify malicious coders more quickly
Posted 1/20/2016
Link Dr. Bradley Ringeisen Honored as DoD’s 'Laboratory Scientist of the Quarter'
Posted 1/15/2016
Link Air Force Awards Grants to 56 Scientists and Engineers
Posted 1/15/2016
Link New DARPA program will plumb limits of light detection to enable revolutionary new concepts
Posted 1/15/2016
Link ARDEC named best in 3-D printer development at conference
Posted 1/13/2016
Link MDA and IMDO complete final milestone before delivery of operational system to Israel
Posted 1/13/2016
Link White House Call to Action at the Consumer Electronics Show
Posted 1/8/2016
Link DoD R&D strategy leverages innovation, partnerships
Posted 1/8/2016
Link $37 million awarded for co-robots work
Posted 12/21/2015
Link Air Force researchers harness power of Thunder supercomputer
Posted 12/18/2015
Link Soldier perspective valued at Army research center
Posted 12/18/2015
Link NRL-developed micro-UAV named POPULAR SCIENCE 'Best of What's New'
Posted 12/18/2015
Link MDA successfully conducted the first intercept flight test of Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense weapon system and Standard Missile (SM)-3 Block IB
Posted 12/18/2015
Link Army's Early Warning System can save lives
Posted 12/8/2015
Link 'Sim' Celebration: Navy Tech Displayed at Simulation, Training Show
Posted 12/8/2015
Link DARPA Pancaking the Telescope: Seeking a new generation of light-based sensing systems
Posted 12/8/2015
Link DARPA Rapid Attack Detection, Isolation and Characterization Proposers Day
Posted 12/7/2015
Link Army collaborates with Ole Miss in additive manufacturing
Posted 12/7/2015
Link Army inventors work on marketability and technology transfer through innovation program
Posted 12/7/2015
Link Marines test new artillery round that brings promise of more bang, less buck
Posted 12/7/2015
Link DoD offers Penn researchers chance to think big and take risks
Posted 11/25/2015
Link Army scientist inducted as 2015 ASM Fellow for Materials Science
Posted 11/25/2015
Link Navy research physicist elected American Physical Society Fellow
Posted 11/25/2015
Link Army Lab investigates self-healing protective clothing
Posted 11/20/2015
Link Army Armament Technology Facility nominated for safety award
Posted 11/20/2015
Link Navy Researchers Recruit Luminescent Nanoparticles to Image Brain Function
Posted 11/20/2015
Link Army engineers developing safer, 'greener' propelling charge for 105mm
Posted 11/13/2015
Link U.S. Marines practice with new light-weight, 'cooler' mortar system
Posted 11/13/2015
Link Army developing flapping-wing unmanned aerial vehicle for wide range of missions
Posted 11/12/2015
Link Navy research scientist awarded for outstanding contributions to computing in engineering
Posted 11/3/2015
Link Army scientists improve biosurveillance technology
Posted 11/3/2015
Link Army to open facilities for basic research collaboration
Posted 10/30/2015
Link Army cyber warfare capabilities change modern battlefield
Posted 10/28/2015
Link Army scarf-like mask can protect at a moment's notice
Posted 10/28/2015
Link DoD cuts ribbon for new DC school technology lab
Posted 10/22/2015
Link New Army technologies assessed, applauded
Posted 10/22/2015
Link Army unveils Excalibur, one of the world's top 20 supercomputers
Posted 10/21/2015
Link Marines demonstrate virtual reality battlefield training
Posted 10/21/2015
Link Army communications chief: Net modernization a critical enabler
Posted 10/16/2015
Link NRL Scientist Recognized for Distinguished Contributions
Posted 10/16/2015
Link Small firms showcase innovation at Modern Day Marine
Posted 9/29/2015
Link Scientists walk in warfighters' shoes
Posted 9/21/2015
Link Registration now open for DISA Forecast to Industry Nov. 2
Posted 9/3/2015
Link Watch Sec. Carter on push for more commercial technology company participation in defense
Posted 8/31/2015
Link New IR&D White Paper Released
Posted 8/31/2015
Link Sec. Carter Announces Award of Flexible Hybrid Electronics Manufacturing Innovation Hub
Posted 8/31/2015
Link Air Force funds development of munitions technology
Posted 8/17/2015
Link Defense Innovation Unit - Experimental (DIUx) pilot set up in Silicon Valley
Posted 8/11/2015
Link Secretary Carter Says Innovation Crucial to Force of the Future
Posted 7/10/2015
Link DARPA to host "Wait. What?" Future Technology Forum in September
Posted 6/29/2015
Link Young Engineers Showcase Innovation at International Submarine Races
Posted 6/29/2015
Link Navy Research Lab Designs First Robot for Shipboard Firefighting
Posted 6/12/2015
Link DoD Announces Research Equipment Award Recipients
Posted 6/4/2015
Link DoD Awards $149 Million in Research Funding
Posted 6/4/2015
Link Air Force Releases Strategic Master Plan
Posted 5/21/2015
Link Scientists work with soldiers in the field for tech improvements
Posted 5/28/2015
Link New Military Technology Goes Public
Posted 5/15/2015
Link Lab Day to Showcase Latest Battlefield Technologies
Posted 5/5/2015
Link DoD Lab Day to showcase groundbreaking AFRL technologies
Posted 5/5/2015
Link DTRA Kenneth Myers, Director, Defense Threat Reduction Agency
Posted 4/28/2015
Link DARPA Aims to Accelerate Memory Function for Skill Learning
Posted 4/27/2015
Link Navy Researchers Explore Genetic Diversity of Lassa Virus in West Africa
Posted 4/27/2015
Link ATL and ASD (R&E) Testifies before SAC-D
Posted 4/22/2015
Link NRL Scientists use Composite Materials to Predict F/A-18 Performance
Posted 4/14/2015
Link LOCUST: Autonomous, swarming UAVs fly into future
Posted 4/14/2015
Link Army providing rapid engineering, prototyping in Afghanistan
Posted 4/13/2015
Link Army aviation continues efforts for technological development
Posted 4/13/2015
Link N-ZERO Envisions "Asleep-Yet-Aware" Electronics
Posted 4/13/2015
Link Army, industry discuss common modular open architecture
Posted 4/7/2015
Link Marine Corps Leadership "Very Pleased" With 1st Successful Demonstration of DARPA's Persistent Close Air Support System
Posted 4/6/2015
Link Scientists Take a Deep Dive for Undersea Warriors
Posted 4/3/2015
Link DTRA Stands up Nuke-focused Directorate
Posted 3/27/2015
Link 16th Annual Science and Engineering Technology Conference
Posted 3/24/2015
Link NRL’s Astronomy in the Fast Lane: New System Watches for Things that Go Bump in the Night
Posted 3/12/2015
Link Army researchers design better protective gear
Posted 3/11/2015
Link Army’s new ‘extreme batteries’ research center taps local experts
Posted 3/10/2015
Link Communities of Interest: Collaborating on Technology Challenges
Posted March 2015
Link Innovation Group Showcases 3D Printing
Posted 2/13/2015
Link DoD Chief Engineer: We Want Your Help With 2030's Tech
Posted 2/11/2015
Link For Navy, Patent streak Continues
Posted 2/11/2015
Link Army Scientists Discover How to Predict Damage in Future Military Vehicles
Posted 2/11/2015
Link DoD 2016 Budget Release
Posted 2/1/2015
Link Air Force funds research for water purification
Posted 1/30/2015
Link Game On: Navy Virtual Trainer takes Serious Approach to Electronic Warfare
Posted 1/29/2015
Link Bio-Inspired Autonomous Vehicles Expand Navy Littoral Capabilities
Posted 1/29/2015
Link Army cyber defenders open source code in new GitHub project
Posted 1/28/2015
Link S&T Leaders at ONR’s Future Force Expo
Posted 1/21/2015
Link New Chief of Naval Research to unveil updated research strategy at February Expo
Posted 1/21/2015
Link DARPA Robotics Challenge: Upgrades Made to ATLAS Robot; Additional $1.5M in Prize Money
Posted 1/20/2015
Link Genetic Changes in Ebola Virus Could Impede Potential Treatments
Posted 1/20/2015
Link Army takes next Step to merge C2 intelligence traffic onto WIN-T
Posted 1/20/2015
Link Naval Future Force Science & Technology EXPO
Event February 4-6,2015
Link Army Game Studio Creates Virtual Training Environment for Soliders
Posted 1/9/2015
Link Sensors move Army closer to common environment
Posted 1/7/2015
Link NASA Confirms ICON Mission: NRL's MIGHTI Prepares for Flight
Posted 1/6/2015
Link AF researchers leverage SBIR/STTR funding to produce dynamic, cost-saving training technologies
Posted 12/19/2014
Link Breakthrough Capability Keeps Subs, Ships on Safe Track
Posted 12/16/2014
Link 450 scientists visit Army Research Lab 'Open Campus'
Posted 12/15/2014
Link DARPA Virtual Lab Advances DoD's Ability to Test Critical Microelectronics
Posted 12/10/2014
Link Historic Leap: Navy Shipboard Laser Operates in Persian Gulf
Posted 12/10/2014
Link Air Force funds more research on camera for airborne surveillance
Posted 12/9/2014
Link The Department’s Long-Range Research and Development Plan
Posted 12/3/2014
Link AF funds thermal management research
Posted 11/21/2014
Link NRL Scientists Discover Novel Metamaterial Properties within Hexagonal Boron Nitride
Posted 11/20/2014
Link NRL and Collaborators Conduct 100 Gigabit/Second Remote I/O Demonstration
Posted 11/19/2014
Link Defense Innovation Initiative Announced
Posted 11/16/2014
Link DARPA-Funded Inflatable Robotics Helps Spark Idea for Silver Screen Star
Posted 11/13/2014
Link AFRL 3-D audio research helps to make cockpit safer
Posted 11/7/2014
Link Army robotics researchers look far into the future
Posted 11/7/2014
Link Autonomy-enabled technology provides pathway to future
Posted 11/6/2014
Link Marines Dial Up Faster Logistics at Tech Demo
Posted 10/28/2014
Link DARPA Circuit Achieves World Record Speeds of 1 Trillion Cycles per Second
Posted 10/28/2014
Link NRL Video Game Could Help Dog Handlers Train for Detecting IEDs, Illegal Drugs
Posted 10/28/2014
Link Alan Shaffer in Phalanx Magazine: Sound Solutions Guided by M&S
Posted 10/8/2014
Link NRL's Airborne Box Brings Connectivity, Jamming to Troops in Remote Areas
Posted 10/8/2014
Link Better Buying Power 3.0 Launched
Posted 10/6/2014
Link Navy's Autonomous Swarmboats Can Overwhelm Adversaries
Posted 10/6/2014
Link NRL Scientists Discover "Out of this World" Particles
Posted 10/1/2014
Link DARPA Technology Identifies Counterfeit Microelectronics
Posted 9/30/2014
Link NRL Researchers Study Solar Disturbances and Impact on Satellite Navigation Systems
Posted 9/29/2014
Link NRL Researchers Develop Novel Method to Synthesize Nanoparticles
Posted 9/24/2014
Link DARPA's Multifunction RF Program Completes Successful Demonstrations
Posted 9/18/2014
Link ASD(R&E)'s Alan Shaffer on Research & Innovation (video)
Aired 9/7/2014
Link DARPA Program "Grows" Lasers Directly on Silicon-Based Microchips
Posted 9/10/2014
Link NRL Invents CubeSat Release Mechanism: To Deploy Solar Panels, Tethers
Posted 9/3/2014
Link DARPA Open Catalog Expands to Include Research into Biological and Fundamental Sciences
Posted 8/29/2014
Link NYC Tracks Firefighters to Scene with NRL Radio Tags, Automated Display
Posted 8/26/2014
Link AFOSR Explores Basic Research Collaboration with South Africa
Posted 8/11/2014
Link Navy's Patent Volume Surpasses Other Tech Agencies
Posted 8/11/2014
Link SyNAPSE Program Develops Advanced Brain-Inspired Chip
Posted 8/7/2014
Link Disaster Relief Gets Extra Eyes from Crowdsourcing
Posted 8/6/2014
Link New ONR Technology Helps Sailors on the Digital Frontier
Posted 8/5/2014
Link Beyond GPS: Next-Generation Technologies for Positioning, Navigation & Timing
Posted 7/24/2014
Link Army Researchers Develop Cargo Pocket ISR
Posted 7/21/2014
Link DOD's International S&T Engagement Strategy
Posted 7/4/2014
Link Chemical-biological center builds additive manufacturing partnerships
Posted 7/17/2014
Link Work Commences on Experimental Spaceplane (XS-1) Designs
Posted 7/15/2014
Link Department of Defense Names New Class of National Security Science and Engineering Fellows
Posted 7/15/2014
Link EXACTO Demonstrates First-Ever Guided .50-Caliber Bullets
Posted 7/10/2014
Link ONR Tackles Data Science, Warfighter Performance
Posted 7/1/2014
Link Researchers Create Quantum Dots with Single-Atom Precision
Posted 6/29/2014
Link Prototyping: Increasing the Pace of Innovation
Posted 6/27/2014
Link Value Engineering Saved More than $5.5 billon in 2013
Posted 6/20/2014
Link Laser Weapon Being Readied for Marine Vehicles
Posted 6/11/2014
Link NRL is First to Image Cell Protein Secretions in Real-Time
Posted 6/11/2014
Link Air-to-ground Warfare Technology Adapted for Combatting Forest Fires
Posted 6/9/2014
Link DARPA Program Demonstrates Human Climbing Like Geckos
Posted 6/5/2014
Link DARPA Microsystems Office: Creating A New Electronics Revolution For National Defense
Posted 5/28/14
Link Department of Defense Announces Research Equipment Awards
Posted 5/27/14
Link Journey of Discovery Starts toward Understanding and Treating Networks of the Brain
Posted 5/27/14
Link Radio Interview with Mr. Shaffer on Research & Engineering Activities
Posted 5/13/14
Link ASD(R&E) Strategic Guidance May 2014
Posted 5/12/14
Link DARPA-Funded DEKA Arm System Earns FDA Approval
Posted 5/9/14
Link Study on Magnetic Compass Orientation in Birds Builds Case for Bio-Inspired Sensors
Posted 5/9/14
Link NRL Achieves 5,000th Patent Since Founding
Posted 5/5/14
Link Service Academies Innovation Challenge Showcases Practical, Potentially Transformative Technologies
Posted 5/5/14
Link NRL Researchers Develop Harder Ceramic for Armor Windows
Posted 4/29/14
Link A Navy Patent First: Award-winning Automation Goes Commercial
Posted 4/22/14
Link Alternative Energy Partnerships Flourish in Asia
Posted 4/22/14
Link President Honors Defense Department Scientists
Posted 4/18/14
Link DOD to Award $167 Million in Research Funding
Posted 4/14/14
Link ONR Investigates 'Spidey Sense' for Sailors & Marines
Posted 3/27/14
Link NRL Autonomy Lab Hosts Shipboard Fire Robotics Consortium
Posted 3/24/14
Link NRL Team Works with DTRA to Better Predict Deadly Diseases
Posted 3/13/14
Link ONR to Manage National Push for Lightweight Materials
Posted 3/13/14
Link The DARPA Grand Challenge: Ten Years Later
Posted 3/13/14
Link Excalibur Prototype Extends Reach of High-Energy Lasers
Posted 3/6/14
Link DoD Manufacturing Institutes highlight Army Efforts
Posted 3/5/14
Link Navy Transitions Global Ocean Forecast System for Public Use
Posted 3/5/14
Link DoD Releases Quadrennial Defense Review
Posted 3/4/14
Link NRL Demonstrates Remarkable Electrical Properties of Topological Insulators
Posted 2/24/14
Link A Roadmap to Efficient Green-Blue-Ultraviolet Light-Emitting Diodes
Posted 2/19/14
Link ARES Aims to Provide More Front-line Units with Mission-tailored VTOL Capabilities
Posted 2/11/14
Link DARPA Begins Early Transition of Adaptive Vehicle Make Technologies
Posted 2/4/14
Link AT&L Magazine: R&E 2014, Concepts for Change
Posted Jan-Feb 2014
Link New Research on Ocean Conditions Will Aid Planners
Posted 1/30/14
Link NRL Researchers Create First Homoepitaxial Graphene Tunnel Barrier/Transport Channel Device
Posted 1/28/14
Link AFOSR Awards $15.5 Million in Research Grants
Posted 1/28/14
Link Barrier Technology to Boost Protection at Navy Ports
Posted 1/15/14

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