DoD Scientist of the Quarter

Dr. Olukayode Okusaga, USAMC

Dr. Philip Perconti (ARL), Ms. Mary Miller (ASA(A&LT)), Mr. Frank Kendall, (USD(AT&L)), Dr. Okusaga, Mr. Tom Russell (USAMC) and Mr. Allen Shaffer (ASD(R&E))

Left to Right: Dr. Philip Perconti (ARL), Ms. Mary Miller (ASA(A&LT)), Mr. Frank Kendall, (USD(AT&L)), Dr. Okusaga, Mr. Tom Russell (USAMC) and Mr. Alan Shaffer (ASD(R&E))

Dr. Olukayode Okusaga was recently selected as the Department of Defense (DOD) Laboratory Scientist of the Quarter for the Third Quarter of 2014 for his work on a novel fiber-optic communication link capable of transmitting frequency references ten times better than Global-Positioning System (GPS).  His accomplishments were made possible through his work with the Coalition Warfare Program and the Positioning Navigation and Timing (PN&T) Technical Program Agreement. Dr. Okusaga’ s unique accomplishments in this technology area are helping to provide a GPS alternative for assured PN&T in future Army and DOD systems.

Dr. Okusaga, currently a Research Electronics Engineer at the Army’s Research, Development and Engineering Command, began his career as a Science, Mathematics, and Research for Transformation student at the Army Research Laboratory. He published seminal papers on in optical fibers and received the U.S. Army Research and Development Achievement Award for his outstanding research.

Rayleigh Scattering Resarch

Dr. Okusaga’ s research in Rayleigh scattering was crucial in the development of this GPS-alternative for assured PN&T. Rayleigh scattering in optical fibers is the dominant source of noise that previously prevented the transmission of GPS-quality frequency references over fiber optics. His specific accomplishments include:

  • Creating a fiber optic link with the ability to transfer frequency signals that are 10 times better than GPS.
  • Demonstrating low-noise frequency transmission over optical fibers without the need for active feedback; improving the scalability of fiber-optic frequency transfer among a larger network of distributed nodes.

Dr. Okusaga is a recognized subject matter expert in his field of radio frequency (RF) photonics and his work on the fiber optic transmission of ultra-precise RF signals has significantly enhanced the missions of the Army and the DOD.  

Dr. Okusaga has authored and co-authored 38 publications in the area.

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