Dr. Jeffrey Long, Naval Research Lab

Jeffrey Long, PhD, Naval Research Laboratory: On 18 April 2014, Dr. Jeffrey Long from the Naval Research Laboratory was honored in a ceremony hosted by Mr. Frank Kendall, Under Secretary of Defense (Acquisition, Technology & Logistics) as our first Scientist of the Quarter for first quarter fiscal year 2014.

Dr. Jeffrey Long with Mr. Frank Kendall, Under Secretary of Defense

Mr. Frank Kendall, Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology & Logistics presents Dr. Jeffrey Long with the Laboratory Scientist of the Quarter Award

Dr. Long engages in basic and early applied research projects that focus on the development, characterization and validation of advanced nano-structured materials that enhance the performance of military-critical technologies, ranging from eletrochemical power sources to separation/filtration to magnetics. Most recently, his work on electrochemical capacitors has been exceptional.

Dr. Long's work on the design, synthesis, and evaluation of nanostructured materials has improved the performance of electrochemical power sources. Rear Admiral Klunder, the Chief of Naval Research, remarked that Dr. Long's work is "critical in the development of directed energy lasers and electromagnetic rail gun technology." Congratulations to Dr. Long and his team at NRL for their significant contributions to the Department's mission.

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