Supplemental Files for the COR's Reference

Supplemental Files for the COR's Reference
Acquisition and Cross-Servicing Agreements (ACSAs)
ACSA Overview
ACSA Training Brief
ACSA 101, Joint Staff
Army Knowledge Online/Defense Knowledge Online (AKO/DKO) Account
Account Set-Up Instructions
Combating Trafficking in Persons (CTIP)
COR Training: Trafficking in Persons (presentation)
CTIP Checklist
Air Field Operations (Checklist)
Badging and Screening (checklist)
Basic Life Support – Facilities (checklist)
Camp Construction (checklist)
Class III Bulk Fuel (checklist)
Class III Retail Capitalization Operations
Class III Retail Operations  (checklist)
Class IV (checklist)
Construction Contract Performance (flowchart)
Container Management (checklist)
Dining Facility Operations (checklist)
Electrical Distribution (checklist)
Environmental (checklist)
Facilities Management (checklist)
Fire Fighting and Protection (checklist)
Food Service Operations 1 (checklist)
Food Service Operations 2 (checklist)
Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) (checklist)
Intel Analysis Atmospheric Collection (checklist)
Intel Analysis CI-HUMINT (checklist)
Laundry Service Operations (checklist)
Nonhazardous Solid Waste Management and Disposa l(checklist)
Power Generation (checklist)
Private Security Contracto r(checklist)
Roads and Grounds (checklist)
Security Operations (checklist)
Sewage and Waste Management (checklist)
Supply Operations (checklist)
Surface Burning and Incineration (checklist)
Theater Movement Control (checklist)
Theater Movement Control – Airfield (checklist)
Theater Postal Operations (checklist)
Training and Mentoring PSC (checklist)
Transportation Motor Pool (checklist)
Trucking (checklist)
Trucking for Mobile PSCs (checklist)
Vehicle Maintenance (checklist)
Water Production (checklist)
Water Works System and Ice Plant Operations (checklist)
Contract Administration
Do’s and Don’ts: Contract Administration and Remedies
Contracting Basics
Contracting Basics (presentation)
Contracting Process (SPAWAR flowchart)
Contractor Relationship
Interfacing with Contractors (bullet background paper)
Guide for the Government-Contractor Relationship (handbook)
COR Certification
Certification of COR for Service Acquisitions
COR Responsibilities
Contracting Officer’s COR Review Checklist
COR Appointment Letter
COR Appointment and Responsibilities (presentation)
COR Checklist Memo
COR Tracking (CORT) Tool
CORT Tool Training (presentation)
CORT Tool User’s Guide
Critical Incidents
Contract Incidents Report – Editable Form
Contract Incidents Report – Sample
Instructions for Contract Incidents Report
COR Ethics Training (presentation)
File Management
Checklist for Contents of a COR Working File
COR Files Maintenance (presentation)
DD 250, Material Inspection and Receiving Report
DD 2772, Contract Discrepancy Report
COR Letter Of Authorization
COR Monthly Report to the Contracting Officer
COR Nomination
OGE Form 450, Confidential Financial Disclosure Report
SF 26, Award/Contract
SF 30, Amendment of Solicitation/Modification of Contract
SF 33, Solicitation, Offer, and Award
SF 33 Instructions
SF 1449, Solicitation/Contract/Order for Commercial Items
SPOT Letter of Authorization
Fraud Awareness Pamphlet
Fraud Awareness Training for the COR/QAE (presentation)
Fraud Handbook, DoDIG
Fraud and Waste Indicators (AF Audit Agency handbook)
Miscellaneous Training
COR Management Guide (DCMA Afghanistan handbook)
Guidebook for the Acquisition of Services
Proficiency Guide for Construction, A/E, and Contingency Contracting (handbook)
Technical Training for the Quality Assurance Program Coordinator (workbook)
Contract Payment (presentation)
Payment Approval with/without WAWF (checklist)
Performance Work Statement /Statement of Objectives/Statement of Work (PWS/SOO/SOW)
Developing a PWS in a Deployed Environment (handbook)
Maintain the Clark River Channel - PRS (sample)
Maintain the Clark River Channel- PWS (sample)
Performance-Based Services Acquisition (PBSA) (AF Instruction)
Performance Work Statement (PWS) Checklist Questions
PBSA Phase I Training (AF presentation)
PWS Drafter’s Checklist
PWS Review Checklist
Student Guide for Performance-Based Services Acquisition (handbook)
Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP)
QASP Checklist
QASP for Custodial Services (sample)
QASP Example
QASP Template
QASP Template, ACC
Automated Requirements Roadmap Tool (ARRT) Demonstration (presentation)
PR Web: Web-Based Customer Requirement Request System (presentation)
Purchase Request and Commitment (presentation)
Purchase Request and Commitment, DA Form 3953 (Army form)
Checklist for COR Compliance—Surveillance of Construction Contracts
Contract Non-Conformance Report (NCR) (form)
Instructions for Processing an NCR
Contracting Officer Representatives, U.S. Army SOUTHCOM (policy letter)
Contractor Delay Assessment (checklist)
Contractor Performance Assessment (checklist)
Contractor Performance Assessment Monitoring System (CPARS) (presentation)
Contractor Verification System (CVS) Training (presentation)
CPARS Quality Checklist
CPARS Pamphlet
COR Inspection Checklist and Data Report for Firm-Fixed-Price Contracts
COR Monthly Report to the Contracting Officer (template)
COR Program Surveillance Checklist
COR Surveillance Checklist
Corrective Action Report (template)
Customer Complaint Record (template)
Do’s and Don’ts: Contract Monitoring and Preaward & Solicitation Phase
Do’s and Don’ts: Evaluation and Award Phase
Government Surveillance (presentation)
Performance Assessment Report (AF form)
Performance Requirements Summary (template)
Process Review Performance Measures 
Quality Assurance Guidelines (checklist)
Sample Surveillance and Award Fee Evaluation Scoring and Criteria
Surveillance Schedule (template)
Synchronized Predeployment & Operational Tracker (SPOT) (presentation)
SPOT Overview (presentation)
Training and Guidance
Army Contracting Command Deskbook
COR Folder, ASC (supplement to ASC handbook)
COR Handbook, ASC
COR Management System Handbook
COR Policy Guide, ACC (pamphlet)
COR Program (JCC-I/A Standard Operating Procedure)
COR Reinforcement Training Questions (presentation)
COR Training, KAF RCC (presentation)
COR Training and Management Overview (DCMAI CCAS presentation)
COR Training Orientation, ACC (presentation)
Deployed COR Smartcard
Deployed COR: Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (handbook)
LOGCAP Basic Contingency Operations Training (presentation)
Phase I Training for Quality Assurance Personnel (AF presentation)
Phase II Training for Quality Assurance Personnel (AF presentation)
Pre-Deployment Training for COR Candidates (Army executive order)
Selection and Training of CORs (Army memorandum)