Defense Contingency Contracting Handbook, V5:

Table of Contents



Chapter 1: Ethics; Standards of Conduct; and Fraud, Waste, and Abuse

Key Points
Competing Interests
General Principles of Government Service
Conflict of Interest
Gift Prohibition
Treatment of Violations
Combating Trafficking in Persons
Waste and Abuse
Interactions with Contractor Employees
Checks and Balances
Ethical Contracting in Contingency Environments
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Chapter 2: Authorities and Structure

Key Points
Contracting Officers’ Authority and Command Authority
Figure 2-1: Lines of Authority
Contracting Appointment Authority
Contingency Contracting in Relation to OCS
Figure 2-2: OCS Description and Subordinate Functions
Contingency Contracting Structure
Contracting In-Theater Organizational Structures
Figure 2-3: Primary and Special Staff OCS-Related Responsibilities
Contracting Organizational Elements
Figure 2-4: Lead Contracting Activity Primary Tasks and Phasing Model
Organizational Roles and Responsibilities
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Chapter 3: Contingency Funding and Requirements Process

Key Points
Fiscal Law Constraints
Purchase Requests and Requirements Development
Operational Contract Support-Related Boards
Figure 3-1: JRRB Process
Table 3-1: Contracting-Related Boards
Types of Funding
Funding Procedures
Table 3-2: How to Read a Fund Cite
Additional References

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Chapter 4: Planning and Guidance

Key Points
Types of Contingencies and Emergency Acquisitions
Types of Contract Support
Strategic Planning
CCO Planning
Plugging in Downrange
Exhaustion of Logistics Supply and Required Sources of Supply
Table 4-1: Supply Classes
NATO Tasking
Additional Planning Considerations
Civil Augmentation Programs
External Contracts
General Deployment Procedures
OCS across the Phases of an Operation
Contract Support Organizations and Capabilities
Additional References

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Chapter 5: Contract Support Execution—Processes, Policy, and Tools

Key Points
Figure 5-1: Basic Contracting Processes
Figure 5-2: Contract Format
Procure-to-Pay Process
Figure 5-3: Handshake Validation Services across the P2P End to End
Common Contracting Support Procedures in Contingency Environments
Contract Types
Contract Type Selection and Risk Assessment
Determinations and Findings
Justifications and Approvals
Lease or Buy
Publicizing Contract Actions
Domestic Source Restrictions
Other Unique Contracting Considerations
Payment Information
Pre-Award Determinations and Memorandums
Contract Forms
Table 5-1: Basic Contract Forms
Blanket Purchase Agreements
Source Selection Process
Figure 5-4: Source Selection Process
Paying Agent Duties
Ordering Officers and FOOs
Contract Tracking and Reporting
Table 5-2. Sample PIIN
Unauthorized Commitments and Ratifications
Additional References

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Chapter 6: Contract Administration

Key Points
Administration Documentation
File Management
General Contract Administration
Construction Contract Administration
Government Property
Contract Monitoring
Figure 6-1: COR Key Duties, File Content, and Important Forms
Contract Modifications
Transferring Contract Functions
Contract Closeout
Redeployment and Demobilization Considerations
Electronic Contingency Business Tools
Additional References

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Chapter 7: Protests, Claims, Disputes, and Appeals

Key Points
Protests at GAO
CCO Protest Response Procedures
Agency Report to GAO
Mitigation of Claims
Disputes and Appeals
Contract Settlements and Alternative Dispute Resolution
Additional References

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Chapter 8: Cross-Cultural Competence and Situational Awareness

Key Points
Cross-Cultural Competence
Situational Awareness
Communication with Vendors (Elicitation, Espionage, and Subversion)
Antiterrorism and Security
Personnel Security and Situational Awareness
Personnel Recovery
Additional References

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Chapter 9: Domestic Emergency Response

Key Points
DoD Response to Domestic Emergencies
Figure 9-1: National Response Framework
Domestic Emergency Acquisition Authorities
Other Considerations
Advance Planning for Emergencies at the Home Station
On-Scene Operations
Additional References

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Appendix A: Acronyms and Abbreviations


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