Cost and Pricing

Contract pricing - The function that gathers, assimilates, evaluates, and, in establishing objectives, brings to bear all the skills and techniques needed to shape the eventual pricing arrangement. Pricing services include price analysis, cost analysis, and use of accounting and technical evaluations and systems analysis techniques to facilitate negotiation of realistic pricing arrangements. (See Also: Contract Pricing Reference Guides)

PNM Checklist (AFMC)
PNM/Proposal Review
F & R Training (AFMC)
Pricing in AF Contracting Environment
PNM Training (OP CONS)
Proposal Review (DCAA)
Small Purchase Pricing
AFKN Pricing CoP
Contingency Pricing Pocket Handbook (AFMC)
Contract Pricing Reference Guide (DoD) (Word Files)
PNM & PCM Guide (AFMC)
FAA Pricing Handbook
Best Value 1
Best Value 2
PCM Sample
PNM Outline
PNO Example
PNM Sample
T for C PNM
Request for Pricing Assistance Template
Pre-Contract Cost Sample Letter
Contract Pricing Reference Guide Website
DCAA Contract Audit Manual
DCAAP 7641.90 (01/2005) DCAA Info For Contractors
Purchase of Supplies for Services


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