Source Selection

Source Selection - Generally refers to the process of evaluating a competitive bid or proposal to enter into a Government procurement contract. The term "source selection" is used for referring to acquisitions awarded according to Federal Acquisition Regulation Parts 13 (Simplified Acquisition), 14 (Sealed Bidding), or 15 (Contracting by Negotiation). However, it is most commonly used specifically for FAR Part 15 acquisitions. (Source: Acquipedia)

Source Selection Checklist
Pre-Award Checklist
Award Checklist
Source Selection CLC 007 (DAU)
Source Selection Overview SYS 133 (AFIT)
Source Selection Refresher SYS 134  (AFIT) 
Source Selection AF ACE Standardized Source Selection Training Web site**
Source Selection – Cost/Price Evaluation CR (AF ACE)
Source Selection Price Evaluation
Source Selection – Cost/Price Planning (AF ACE)
Source Selection – Debriefing (AF ACE)
Source Selection – Eval of Mission Capability & Proposal Risk (AF ACE)
Source Selection – Past Performance (AF ACE)
CPARS Primer (50 CONS)
CCAS and ACASS Primer (50 CONS)
Source Selection Small Dollar Training (AF Source Selection Trg CoP)
Source Selection – SS Training (AF ACE)
Source Selection – SSA Training (AF ACE)
Source Selection – SSAC Chair Training (AF ACE)
Source Selection – SSET Chair Training (AF ACE)
Market Research Training (AFMC Overview)
Market Research Briefing (Silver Flag)
DAU Online Market Research Training
MR Primer
Technical Evaluations (50 CONS)
Technical Evaluation Customer Primer (50 CONS)
Past Performance Evaluation Training (AFMC)
CPARS Training Online
Unsolicited Proposal Primer (50 CONS)
Vendor Demonstration/Loan Primer (50 CONS)
ACASS Guide (DoD)
CCASS Guide (DoD)
FAPIIS Guide (DoD)
Source Selection Guide (USA)
Source Selection - Informational Guidance (IG) Sec L & M , Source Selection Plan, Source Selection Decision Briefing (AF)
Source Selection - Informational Guidance (IG) Sec L & M, Source Selection Plan, Source Selection Decision Briefing  (AF)
Source Selection Manual (USA)
Risk Management Guide (DoD)  
Market Research Guide (USA ACA)
Market Research Guide (AFMC)
Technical Evaluation On-Line Process Guide (DCMA)
Past Performance Collection and Use Guide (DoD)
CPARS Guide (DoD)
RFI Template (USN CMPG)
MR CoP (MR Report Examples)
MR Report Template (AMC)
Simplified MR Template (88 CONS)
Customer Technical Evaluation Letter
Sample Questions during Evaluation
Sample Technical Evaluation Documentation
Simplified PPI Collection Format for Reporting Below CPARS Threshold (50 CONS)
Milestone Schedule Examples (Competitive)
Milestone Schedule Examples (NON Competitive)
Examples of Letters and Briefing Templates
Notice of Unsuccessful Offer Sample
Decision Briefing Example
Notice of Winner Template
Performance Confidence Assessment Group Report
Competitive Range Briefing Sample
Acquisition Steps Process
Air Force Civil Engineering & Services Agency (AFCESA)
Vendor Loan Agreement
Technical Evaluation Helpful Hints
CPARS Best Practices and Tools
CPARS, ACASS, CCASS Online Training System
Statement of Work (SOW) Examples
Technical Evaluation Form
Market Research


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