Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Q: How do I get a copy of the hard copy handbook & accompanying DVD?

A: Copies of the fourth edition of the handbook were initially distributed to users in late 2012. Copies were distributed throughout all four services and the other defense agencies (DAU, DCMA, DCAA). Your home station may already have copies available.

Requests for additional copies (except the Army) must be sent to Please provide your Name, Organization, Home Station unit/address and the number of copies requested.

Attention Army: All Handbook requests for the Army: Please contact the Army's Media Distribution Division (part of the Directorate of Logistics-Wishington), at 314-592-0910;

2. Q: What does the DVD contain?

A: The DVD contains a stand-alone version of the Defense Contingency Contracting Handbook website that does not require the internet to be able to access the training documents, test questions, games, and other supporting materials. The DVD does not contain anything that cannot also be found on the website. The DVD comes packaged with every printed copy of the handbook.

3. Q: Why can’t I access all of the guidebook material from the DPAP web site?

A: Due to the nature of some of the material and/or some of the web sites referenced, some of the guidebook references MAY NOT BE ACCESSIBLE if you are not using a military computer (i.e. “.mil” access) or do not have a CAC or smartcard access. If you are accessing the material outside of a government network, please use the DVD to enjoy full use of the resources. To assist you in understanding the resources that are restricted, most of the web sites and resources highlighted in red lettering or indicated with an asterisk (*) indicate they are only accessible via the DVD or by using an authorized government network. Where possible, if there is an alternate to the restricted web site for those limited resources, then this is provided.

Also, please recognize that the DVD is a static source, meaning that the material on the DVD cannot be updated after the initial publication. Conversely, the web site is a dynamic source, and will be updated throughout the year.

We have attempted to provide the most up-to-date access to guidebook materials in consideration of the limitations levied due to constraints of web site access, ability to release certain material on a public web site, internet connectivity, and so forth. We hope we have provided you several options to access the guidebook materials regardless of your connection or ability to access the world wide web.

4. Q: Can I download the entire handbook from this web site?

A: Yes and No. The entire text of the handbook can be downloaded as one PDF. Additionally, each chapter can be downloaded individually as a PDF. These PDFs are identical to what is printed in the hard copies of the handbook. Please note, links to the materials referenced within these PDFs do not work as they do in the HTML version.

In addition, any supporting tools, templates, games, and other resources may be downloaded as needed, but it is not currently possible to download all of the supplemental materials from the website at once. The DVD contains a stand-alone copy of the Contingency Contracting Handbook website, including both the handbook text and the supplemental documents.

If you need a hard copy of the handbook, please see question # 1 above.

5. Q: How do I send in a recommendation for the handbook?

A: We are continually receiving update requests and very much appreciate any feedback you have. Please send those in to the email address on the right hand side of the web site OR directly to

The guidebook is updated on a 12-18 month basis with administrative changes posted on a quarterly basis. Typically, there are two joint working groups that meet over the summer months to evaluate all the recommendations and decide what changes, tools, templates, and resources make it into the final handbook revisions for the CY. We rely on each of you to gain access those real-world working examples and practices as we attempt to give the Contingency Contracting Officer a "one-stop shop" resource. Use the feedback button within the web site or on the main DVD to contribute!

6. Q: Are there more than six categories for the Machery/Jeopardy game?

A: Yes, there are a total of 15 categories for the Machery game. Six random categories are selected for each game played.

7. Q: What file do I need to access to run the DVD -- I put it into my drive and it doesn't do anything?

A: DoD computers have disabled the "autorun" capability that normally launches your DVD. As such, if your DVD does not automatically start, please use your MY COMPUTER to find the file "INDEX.html" and double click on this file to launch the DVD.


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