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Guide/Handbook Name & Primary Access Alternate Web Address
Acquisition Process On-line Guide (USN NAVAIR)


ADR On-line Guide (ASBCA)  
AF Listing of all Mandatory Procedures  
AF Listing of all Information Guidance  
ACASS Guide (DoD) X
Acquisition Planning - AF IG 5307.104-92 Acquisition Planning Documentation Guidance for “Other Contracting” (SAF AQC)  
Acquisition Planning - Acquisition Planning Guide (USA ACA)  
Acquisition Planning - Acquisition Planning Guide (USN -DoNAPG) X
ACSA Guide (EUCOM)  
Auditing Defense Acquisition Programs Critical Program Management Elements Guide  
Award Fee Guide (AF)  
Award Fee Member Guide (USA)  
BPA- Contractor Guidance (USMC CMPG) X
BPA - Contractor Instructions & Guidelines for BPA  
BPA -Customer Instructions & Guidelines for BPA  
CCASS Guide (DoD) X
CIA World Factbook  
Closeout Guide (50 CONS)  
Commercial - Commercial Acquisition Guide (AFMC) X**
Commercial - Commercial Item Handbook (DoD) X
Commercial Solicitation Preparation Guide (DoD) X
Construction - AF IG 5336.90 Construction Program Admin & AF IG 5336.9201 Contracting Construction Guide  
Contingency Contract Mgt Process Guide (USMC) X
Contingency Pricing Pocket Handbook (AFMC Pricing CoP) X**
Contract Admin Guide (377 CONS)  
Contract Audit Manual (DCAA)  
Contract Mgt Process Guide (USMC)  
Contract Mgt Process On-Line Guide (USN)  
Contracts with Industry Guide (USA) X
Contractors in the Workplace (USA) X
COR- Defense Contingency COR Handbook X
COR - ACA COR Training Guide X
COR Guide (CALL-USA)  
COR Handbook (USA)  
COR Handbook/Blueprint (FAI)  
Cost Analysis Handbook (AFCAA)  
CPARS Guide (DoD) X
Customer Guide (320 Expeditionary)  
DBA Guide (USAF) X
DBA Guide for Contractors (USN) X
Deployed Leaders Guide (AF AEF)  
Emergency Acquisition Field Guide (FEMA) X
Emergency Acquisitions Guide (OFPP) X
Ethics Counselor Handbook  
FAPIIS Guide (DoD) X
Field Support Manual – Language Lessons On Line (Def Lang Institute)  
Financial Analysis Tools Reference Guide (AFLMA)  
Fiscal Law Primer (50 CONS)  
FOO and Paying Agent Handbook  
Foreign Clearance Guide (DoD)**  
FPDS-NG Quick Reference Guide  
Fraud and Waste Indicators  Handbook 65-109 (AF Audit Agency)  
Fraud Indicators for Contract Auditors Handbook X
Fraud Remedy Guide (AF) X**
Government Contractor Guide (AF) X **
Government Estimate Training & Guide (AETC)  
Government Estimate (IGE) Guide (USA TRADOC) X
GCPC Green Purchasing Guide (VA)  
GCPC Guide (DoD) X
Imprest Fund General Guidance  
J&A Guide (USA ACA) X
J&A Guide -- AF  IG 5306 on Other than Full and Open Competition  
J&A Primer (50 CONS)  
JCC I-A Instruction  
MIPR Guide (AF)  
MIPR Primer (50 CONS)  
Misc Payments Handbook (DoD)  X
Modification Guide – Non-commercial (50 CONS)  
Money As a Weapon System (MAAWS) Smartbook for MNC-Afghanistan Commander's Emergency Response Program (CERP) SOP  
MR Guide (AFMC) X
MR Guide (USA ACA) X
PARC-I Customer Handbook  
Past Performance Information Collection Guide (DoD) X
Performance Measurements Samples Handbook X
PNM & PCM Guide (AFMC) X **
Pricing Reference Guides (DoD)  
Protest Guide (GAO) X
Protest Override Guide (USA ACA) X
Quality Assurance Program Guide (AFMC) X**
Quality Assurance Program (AF IG)  
Ratification Guide (50 CONS)  
Risk Management Guide (DoD)    
SCA Guide - Desktop (AF)  
SCA Guide (DON) X
Services - Guidebook for the Acquisition of Services (DoD)  
Source Selection Mandatory Guides --  AF Mandatory Procedures (MPs) on Source Selection, PPI, Debriefs, and more…see the AFFARS TOC for access to both  
Source Selection Guide (USA) X
Source Selection - Informational Guidance (IG) - Sec L & M , Source Selection Plan, Source Selection Decision Briefing  (AF) X **
Standards of Conduct Guide (DoD) X
Developing a Performance Work Statement Handbook (ARMY)  
T4C Guide (AFMC) X **
T4C Guide (DCMA)  
T4D Guide (AFMC) X**
Tech Eval On-Line Process Guide (DCMA)  

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