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This page compiles various contingency contracting related publications and regulations. This is not an exhaustive list of publications and regulations, but is intended to provide a single place for CCO's to find the policies and regulations they need to execute their duties. Each document is available in two ways: by downloading it from it's official host (recommended) or by downloading a backup copy located on the handbook website.

FAR Download From Official Site (Recommended) Download Backup Copy
Federal Acquisition Regulation

FARSite, Acquisition.gov,

PDF (Current as of 11/25/2013)
FAR 52 Clause Matrix HTML, PDF PDF (Current as of 09/30/2013)
DFARS DPAP Site, FARSite DFARS (Current as of 12/16/2013)
DFARS PGI DPAP Site PGI (Current as of 12/16/2013)
Joint Publications
Joint Federal Travel Regulation HTML JFTR Vol 1 PDF
JP 3-0 Joint Operations PDF PDF
JP 3-28 Civil Support PDF PDF
JP 4-10 Joint Publication Operational Contract Support PDF PDF
JP 5-0 Joint Operation Planning PDF PDF
DoD Issuances
DoD 5500.07-R Joint Ethics Regulation PDF, HTML PDF
DoD 7000.14-R Financial Mgt Regulation HTML -
DoDD 2010.9 Acquisition & Cross Service Agreements (ACSA) PDF PDF
DoDD 3000.05 Stability Operations PDF PDF
DoDD 3000.06 Combat Support Agencies PDF PDF
DoDI 4165.56 Relocatable Buildings PDF PDF
DoDD 4270.5 Military Construction PDF PDF
DoDD 5101.1 DoD Executive Agent PDF PDF
DoDI 7050.05 Coordination of Remedies for Fraud and Corruption Related to Procurement Activities PDF PDF
DoDD 7600.2 Audit Policies PDF PDF
DoDD 7600.10 Audits of States, Local Governments, and Non-Profit Organizations PDF PDF
DoDI 1100.22 Policies and Procedures Determining Work Mix Force PDF PDF
DoDI 2200.01 Combating Trafficking In Persons PDF PDF
DoDI 3020.41 Contractor Personnel Authorized to Accompany the U.S. Armed Forces PDF PDF
DoDI 4000.19 Interservice and Intergovernmental Support PDF PDF
DoDI 5000.64Accountability and Management of DoD Equipment and Other Accountable
DoDI 7250.13 Official Representation Funds (ORF) PDF PDF
DoDI 7600.6 Audit of Nonappropriated Fund Instrumentalities and Related Activities PDF PDF
DoDI 5505.2 Criminal Investigations of Fraud Offenses  PDF PDF
Army Regulation 70-1 Army Acquisition Policy PDF PDF
Army Pamphlet 715-16 Contractor Deployment PDF PDF
Regulation 37-47 Representation Funds of the Secretary of the Army PDF PDF
Regulation 405-15 Real Estate Claims Founded Upon Contract PDF PDF
Regulation 715-9 Contractors Accompanying the Force PDF PDF
Army Field Manuals
FM 3-100.21 Contractors on the Battlefield PDF PDF
FM 27-10 Law of Land Warfare PDF PDF
FM 100-8 USA Multinational Operations PDF PDF
FM 100-10-2 Contracting Support on the Battlefield PDF PDF
Air Force Instructions
AFI 10-213 Comptroller Operations Under Emergency Conditions PDF PDF
AFI 10-402 Mobilization Planning PDF PDF
AFI 10-403 Deployment Planning & Execution PDF PDF
AFI 10-404 Base Support Planning PDF PDF
AFI 10-503 Base Unit Beddown Program PDF PDF
AFI 32-1022 NAF Construction PDF PDF
AFI 32-1032 Planning & Programming Appropriated Funded Maintenance, Repair & Construction Projects PDF PDF
AFI 32-9001 Acquisition of Real Property PDF PDF
AFI 34-201 Use of NAF Funds PDF PDF
AFI 34-262 Services Programs PDF PDF
AFI 34-275 Nonappropriated Fund (NAF) Government Purchase Card Program PDF PDF
AFI 51-1101 AF Procurement Fraud PDF PDF
AFI 51-601 Gifts to the Department of AF PDF PDF
AFI 51-901 Gifts from Foreign Governments PDF PDF
AFI 63-101 Acquisition and Sustainment Life Cycle Management PDF PDF
AFI 63-501 Acquisition Quality Program PDF PDF
AFI 64-301 NAF Contracting Policy PDF PDF
AFI 64-102 Operational Contracting PDF PDF
AFI 64-117 Government-wide Purchase Card (GPC) Program PDF PDF
AFI 64-201 Small Business Program PDF PDF
AFI 65-106 Appropriated Fund Support of MWR & NAFIs PDF PDF
AFI 65-501 Economic Analysis PDF PDF
AFI 65-601 Vol 1 Budget Guidance & Procedures PDF PDF
AFI 65-603 Official Representation - Funds Guidance & Procedures PDF PDF
AFI 65-608 Antideficiency Violations PDF PDF
AFI 65-610 Guidance for Expenditures At Deployed Locations PDF PDF
Air Force Manuals
AFMAN 10-401V2 Planning Formats & Guidance PDF PDF
AFMAN 23-110 Supply Manual PDF (superceded by AFI 23-101 PDF (AFMAN 23-110, superceded by AFI 23-101)
AFMAN 64-302 NAF Contracting Procedures PDF PDF
AFMAN 65-604 Appropriation Symbols & Budget Codes PDF PDF
AFMAN 65-506 Economic Analysis PDF PDF
Air Force Pamphlet
AFPAM 65-110 Deployed Agent Operation PDF PDF
Air Force Policy Directives
AFPD 34-2 Managing Nonappropriated Funds PDF PDF
AFPD 51-11 Coordination of Remedies for Fraud and Corruption Related to AF Procurement Matters PDF PDF
AFPD 64-3 NAF Contracting System PDF PDF
Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) Instructions
NAVSUP INST 4200.85D Simplified Acquisition Procedures PDF


Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV) Instructions
SECNAVINST 7042.7 Guidelines for Use of Official Representation Funds (ORF) PDF PDF
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