Listing of Role-Based Scenarios

Scenario Name & Chapter Reference
Various Chapters
Cyclone Scenarios:
1. Cyclone- Ethics Issues Gifts
2. Cyclone- Acquisition Reference & Regulations
3. Cyclone - Lease of Warehouse
1. Earthquake- Ethics Issues Kickbacks
2. Earthquake- Ethics Issues Gifts
3. Earthquake- Advance Payment
4. Earthquake- Lease of Real Property
5. Earthquake- Contingency Contracting Planning
6. Earthquake- Letter Contract Construction
7. Earthquake- Generator Purchase
8. Earthquake- Port-a-Potty Claim
9. Earthquake- Alternate Dispute Resolution
10. Earthquake- Refusal to Sign Contract
11. Earthquake- Foreign Acquisitions
1. Hurricane- Ethics Issues Kickbacks
2. Hurricane- NAF Awards
3. Hurricane- CC In-brief
4. Hurricane- SF 44
5. Hurricane- Termination for Convenience
6. Hurricane- Vehicle Claim
7. Hurricane- Roof Repair
1. Tornado- Ethics Issues Gifts

2. Tornado- Ratification Authority

3. Tornado-Additional Funds Request
4. Tornado-Office Set Up
5. Tornado-BPA
6. Tornado- Prop Call Register
7. Tornado- Prop Customer Training Guide
8. Tornado- Prop Letter of Authorized Callers
9. Tornado- Contract Modification
10. Tornado- Heavy Equipment Claim
11. Tornado- Prop J & A Guide and Template
12. Tornado- POD Rental
Chapter 1
Ethics Issues - Gifts
Ethics Issues - Kickbacks
Chapter 2
Appointment Authority
Ratification Authority
Service Specific Authority 1
Service Specific Authority 2
Sole Source Authority
Chapter 3
Additional Funds Request
Advance Payment 1
Advance Payment 2
AF Form 9
Bail Bonds
Commander’s Emergency Response Program
Dinars to Dollars
Joint Acquisition Review Board
Lease of Real Property
NAF Awards
NAF Coins
NAF Concessionaire
NAF Plaque Purchase
NAF Resale
Purchase a Plaque
Purchase of Supplies for Services
Purchase Request Control
Ratification 1
Ratification 2
Ratification 3
Recurring Dry Ice
Runway Improvements
Subscription - AF Times
Update AF Form 616
Warehouse Rental Space
Chapter 4
After Action Report
AOR Requirements
Arming Contractors
Camp Relocation
CCO Commander's Inbrief
Contingency Contracting Planning
Contract Requirements for Medical Care
Contractor Support
Emergency Purchase - Vehicles
Exercise Africa Lion
Exercise Bright Star
Host Nation Contract Support Agreement 1
Host Nation Contract Support Agreement 2
Joint Special Operation Task Force - Olympic Games
Joint Task Force Humanitarian Relief
Joint Special Operations Task Force - Counter Terrorism Mission
Market Research
Office Set up
Passport Short Notice
Prioritize Workload Requirements
Real World Crisis Exercise
Review Deployment Kits
Site Survey
Time Management
Various other chapter 4 scenarios (*zip file)
Vendor Letter of Appreciation
Chapter 5
BPA - Dry Ice
BPA for Ice
BPA for Lodging
BPA for Vehicle
BPA for Water
Classified Shredder Purchase
Commodities 1 (Bottled Water)
Commodities 2 (Dry Ice)
Commodities 3 (Generators)
Commodities 4 (BPA)
Commodities 5 (Lumber)
Construction 1 (Latrine)
Construction 2 (IDIQ)
Construction 3 (Tower Roofs)
Expedited Purchase - Heaters
Food Service
Halon Requirement
Imprest Fund
Letter Contract - Construction
Lock Service
Maintenance Agreement
Soda Requirement
Chapter 6
Construction Administration
Contract Admin & Closeout
Execute SAP Using SF 1449
HNS & Claims Support
Letter Contract
PWS Disagreement
QAP Customer Education
Recover Costs for Stolen Cargo
Runway Payment
Stop Work Order
Termination for Cause
Termination for Convenience 1
Termination for Convenience 2
Termination for Default
Chapter 7
Airfield Lighting Claim
Food Loss Claim
Heavy Equipment Claim
Porta Potty Claim
Post Award Protest
Pre Award Protest
Vehicle Claim 1
Vehicle Claim 2
Chapter 8
Embassy Pressures
Foreign Acquisition - ACSA 1
Foreign Acquisition - Host Nation Support Agree 2
Foreign Government
OPSEC Concerns
Refusal to Sign Contract 1
Refusal to Sign Contract 2
Chapter 9
Broken Window
Hurricane Relief
POD Storage
Roof Repair 1
Roof Repair 2
Unauthorized Commit
Use of SF 44
Warehouse Rental
Forklift Rental
Roof Repair
Water Requirement
Food Service
Joint Task Force
PR Control
SF 44


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