Emergency Acquisition Authorities

Emergency acquisition flexibilities - Flexibilities provided with respect to any acquisition of supplies or services that, as determined by the head of an executive agency, may be used—

(a) In support of a contingency operation as defined in FAR 2.101;
(b) To facilitate the defense against or recovery from nuclear, biological, chemical, or radiological attack against the United States; or
(c) When the President issues an emergency declaration, or a major disaster declaration. (Source: FAR Part 18)

J & A Critical Checklist
Expedited Critical Item Critical Checklist
Chapter 9 Domestic Emergencies
Emergency Management Institute Training Website (FEMA)
Emergency Acquisition & Disaster Response Contracting CoP (DAU) Training
Pakistan Relief Overview
OFPP Emergency Acquisitions Guide (Word Version)
FEMA Emergency Acquisition Field Guide
FEMA National Response Framework Guide
Contracting Support in Emergencies (NPS)
UN Refugee Agency Handbook for Emergencies
Class Deviation 2011-O0009 -- SAT for Humanitarian or Peacekeeping Operations
DoDI 1100.22
FAR Part 18
Stafford Act
Acquisition Central Website
CRS Report on Emergency Contracting
CRS Report on Federal Troops for Disaster Assistance
Broken Window
Expedited Purchase - Heaters
Hurricane Relief
Katrina SITREP
POD Storage
Roof Repair 1
Roof Repair 2
Unauthorized Commit
Use of SF 44
Warehouse Rental
Forklift Rental
Water Requirement
Food Service
Joint Task Force
PR Control
SF 44
Hurricane and Tornado Scenarios


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