Defense Contingency Contracting Handbook


Welcome to the Defense Contingency Contracting Handbook (DCCH) website. This website is designed to provide essential information, tools, and training to help DoD Contingency Contracting Officers (CCOs) and other Operational Contract Support (OCS) staff meet the challenges they may face in contingency environments.

new The DPAP Contingency Contracting office is pleased to release Version 5 (July 2015) of the DCCH. (View the release memo from the Principal Deputy Director, Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy.) This new version is a streamlined electronic tool. Through this website, you can download, read, and browse the DCCH and supplemental resources.

The DCCH is intended to help CCOs and other OCS staff meet the needs of the personnel and organizations they support. However, it is by no means a stand-alone document and must be used together with the requirements of the FAR, DFARS, and Joint Publication 4-10, Operational Contract Support.

Critical Checklists

new These checklists were developed to supplement the material in the DCC Handbook. In addition to highlighting the key procedures and considerations for each situation, the lists provide links to the relevant sections of the Handbook for further information.

Contingency Acquisition Support Module (cASM)

The Contingency Contracting Tools web page provides links to the cASM website and related materials. Through cASM, individuals responsible for initiating contracting requirements in a contingency or expeditionary environment can access templates and receive automated assistance with requirements packages.

Operational Contract Support Joint Exercise (OCSJX) Scenarios

Beginning in 2014, Operational Contract Support Joint Exercises have been held annually to train and assess operational contract support capabilities for the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Joint Staff, U.S. Northern Command, Army North, and Service components, using a variety of exercise scenarios.

  • Coming Soon: OCSJX scenarios