About Contract Policy

The Defense Pricing and Contracting (DPC) Contract Policy (CP) Directorate is the focal point for developing new, innovative acquisition policies and improving existing Department of Defense (DoD) acquisition policies. Among the responsibilities of the Contract Policy Directorate includes recommending simpler more flexible ways to buy supplies and services for the warfighter, and ensuring that contract formation and contract administration policies are in compliance with law, in the government's best interest, and fair and equitable to industry.

CP works with the Military Departments (MILDEPS), Other Defense Agencies (ODAs), and other Federal Agencies, congressional staff, and industry associations on a broad range of contracting policies including:

  • Services contracting policy, including performance based
  • Procurement legislation
  • Interagency acquisitions
  • Suspension/debarment
  • Government Property
  • Cost Accounting Standards
  • Contract Payment and Profit Issues
  • Small business, Javits Wagner O'Day Program, and Randolph-Sheppard Program
  • Support transition from DoD Civilian Acquisition Demonstration Project (AqcDemo) to National Security Personnel System (NSPS)

Among the top issues managed by the Contract Policy & International Contracting Directorate include:

  • Implement appropriate contracting techniques (competition, pricing & PBSA)
  • Improve contract administration
  • Ensure the acquisition workforce has the right skills
  • Implement NDAA FY06 requirements for a management structure for services procurement
  • Services Acquisition Reform Act (SARA) Panel - consider recommendations of the final report (o/a Dec 06)
  • Interagency acquisitions - verify DoD components are applying DoD policies
  • FY 07 Legislation - pursue Berry Amendment relief, revision of rapid acquisition authority, extension of arrangement for contracting with employers of disabled workers, extension of contract closeout authority, and extension of temporary authority for contractor performance of security guard functions
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