Other Transactions Agreements for Prototype Projects under 10 U.S.C. 2371b


The following resources are available to help understand section 2371b OT authority, build familiarity with this specialized authority, and ultimately—upon having the appropriate level of the business acumen, training, and experience—negotiate agreements that equitably reflect the risks undertaken by all parties to the OT agreement.


1. Statutes and Statutory History

2. DoD Policy

  • Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy, within the Office of the Secretary of Defense, is the DoD point of contact for questions about DoD policy regarding use of OTs to carry out prototype projects.
  • Email the Office of the Deputy Director, DPAP, Contract Policy and International Contracting, regarding OTs to carry out prototype projects.

3. DoD Guides

4. DoD Centers of Excellence for OTs for Prototype Projects

Over the years, several Centers of Excellence in the use of OTs have emerged. Leveraging their experience and expertise is strongly encouraged and will allow other entities to benefit from and build on their successes. They include:

5. DoD Organizations with OT for Prototype Authority

6. Training

  • Defense Acquisition University, Administration of Other Transactions (CLC 102) – web based continuous learning module, approximately 1.5 hours to complete (see http://icatalog.dau.mil/)

  • https://community.max.gov/x/gJAWRQ This link to OMB's Max website provides training resources and materials, including presentations, about OTs that is restricted to only those with DoD CAC cards. If you post anything here, please know that the uploaded item cannot be removed, even by the system administrator.
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