Contract Pricing References, Tools and Training Materials

Contract Pricing Reference Guides

The Contract Pricing Reference Guides are a set of reference volumes that were developed jointly by the Federal Acquisition Institute (FAI) and the Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT).

The Guides were developed to provide instruction and guidance for contracting personnel. They include examples of applying pricing policies to pricing problems.

The Contract Pricing Reference Guides are posted on the DAU Acquisition Tools & Resources website located here.


  • Sole Source Streamlining Toolbox
  • DoD CPIF Tool
  • DoD FPIF Tool
  • Performance Based Payment Tool
  • Training Materials

    Striking the Balance:

    Each month in 2021, subject matter experts will discuss topics of interest to the acquisition community to help acquisition professionals strike the balance between competing objectives. This webinar series is moderated by Dr. Renee Butler, DAU Learning Director for Price, Cost and Finance, and Michelle Courier, DAU Professor of Contract Management, and sponsored by Ms. Janice Muskopf, Director, Price, Cost and Finance, OUSD(A&S)/ASD(A), Defense Pricing and Contracting (DPC). Registration is required. Recent webinars have included:

  • Striking the Balance: Speed, Price, and Quality--Lessons Learned and Best Practices
  • Striking the Balance between Speed and Price
  • Striking the Balance: Meeting Warfighters' Requirements while Achieving Industry Financial Goals
  • Striking the Balance: Price and Value for Software Acquisition
  • Striking the Balance: Price and Data Rights
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