Labor Information for Services & Construction Contracts

In service and construction contracts government agencies buy the labor for the services in the contract. Contract labor is a significant cost driver and may provide cost and performance risks. Labor costs can and will increase as contract performance continues (in the out years) when minimum wages and fringe benefits increase as a result of updated Department of Labor (DoL) area wage determinations (AWD) and/or renegotiated collective bargaining agreements (CBA). Service and construction contract labor costs should be considered, planned for and addressed at acquisition strategy planning and into the award and administration phases of Department of Defense contracts.

Agencies should exchange information on labor matters with other agencies to ensure a uniform government approach. The DoD Labor Advisor working group reviews the material in this web site. Our goal is to provide this uniformity through helpful sources or training material, regardless of which agency was the original developer.

Labor Advisor Contacts for the Services

FAR 1.602-2(c) states that Contracting Officers shall request and consider the advice of specialists in ….other fields as appropriate… FAR 22 provides the specialists and points of contact as “Agency Labor Advisors” and describes duties as “responsible for advising contracting agency officials on Federal contract labor matters”- further description of duties and interfaces is provided below.

What Do Labor Advisors Do?

Service Labor Advisors: names with organization, phone and email provided

Department of Labor

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DoD Agency Resources

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Labor Related Policy Guidance


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