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Opening statement:  Market research is a vital means of arming the acquisition team with the expertise needed to conduct an effective acquisition.  This type of information helps determine the suitability of the marketplace for satisfying a need or requirement.  Market research is the continuous process of collecting information to maximize reliance on the commercial marketplace and to benefit from its capabilities, technologies, and competitive forces in meeting an agency need.  Market research is an essential process enabling the government to buy best-value products and services that solve mission-critical problems.

Market Research Report Guide for Improving the Tradecraft in Services Acquisition (March 2017): A joint working group comprised of members from each of the Military Departments, the Office of the Secretary of Defense, and the Defense Acquisition University (DAU) prepared the original Market Research Guide in 2012. The working group identified best practices for conducting and documenting market research to establish standard processes and reports, allowing for enhanced collection and sharing of market research across the Department. A 2014 update to the Guide incorporated elements of Better Buying Power. The 2017 version builds on previous efforts by updating content as well as resource links. The Guide assists a Multifunctional Team (MFT) in preparing market research supporting the acquisition of services. The Guide's intent is not to provide comprehensive information on the subject of market research, but rather to offer a common framework for conducting and documenting research. Comments or inquiries related to the Guide may be submitted to:

To facilitate this process, other useful resources are listed below.  While there is no one-size-fits-all solution, the links and documents below provide the framework to begin to understand the marketplace for a product or service.

Policy/OSD Resources:

Link to appropriate FAR section

Link to appropriate DFARS section

Link to DPAP resources

Specific Resources:

Link to DAU Market Research CLC

Link to DAU “Ask a Professor”

Link to Services Acquisition Mall

Link to Automated Requirements Roadmap Tool (ARRT)

Central feature:

Link DAU Community of Practice and Resource Depository
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