Web-Based Tool for Reporting of Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) Items Containing Specialty Metals that are Components of Covered Non-Commercial Items

Guidelines for registration and reporting to the application for the COTS Reporting tool are at: https://ca.dtic.mil/specialtymetals.

Information required for Registration:

Company's name,
Reporting point of contract's (POC’s) first and last name,
POC’s Telephone number,
Company’s email address,
Company’s DUNS number,
A user-created password.

This application is required for all contracts/delivery orders signed on or after July 29, 2009 (the effective date of DFARS Final Rule (DFARS Case 2008-D003).

Please note that this is a secure web site. The information provided at registration will be used to validate accounts and, where necessary, to clarify your reported information.

Once you are registered, the following information and actions will be required for each contract/delivery order report:

  1. Choose one of these six options - aircraft, missile and space systems, ships, tank and automotive items, weapon systems, or ammunition.
  2. Enter contract number, (with requisite delivery order number, if appropriate)
  3. Enter delivery order number, if applicable
  4. Choose from a drop down menu of NAICS codes and descriptions that describe the COTS items you incorporated into the non-commercial item(s) and for which you relied on the COTS exception. Choose all of the NAICS codes that apply to that contract/delivery order.
  5. Provide the total dollar value of the non-commercial items on this contract/delivery order in which the reportable COTS items were incorporated.
  6. Provide the total dollar value of the COTS items represented by #4. (not the value of each individual NAICS code, but the total dollars of COTS items containing specialty metals with the COTS exception in the non-commercial deliverable).
  7. Indicate whether this is a new or replacement submission.
NOTES regarding reporting tool:
  1. Registration is required once per user. Subsequent registration is not required to input data for any new contract or delivery order.
  2. A user must input complete data for each contract or delivery order. Please be careful. The application does not allow the user to revise an entry in a previous report. To mark an entry as a replacement, if a revision is needed, you must re input complete data, revised as necessary, for each affected contract or delivery order.
  3. For each and every delivery order, you must enter complete data for the order and its underlying contract.
  4. Questions regarding this application or the reporting requirement can be directed to Patricia Foley at 703-693-1145.

Preview of Information Requested: (download spreadsheet)

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