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subpart 242.2--contract administration SERVICES

(Revised May 20, 2021)



 242.200-70 Scope of subpart.
 242.202 Assignment of contract administration.

242.200-70  Scope of subpart.

This subpart does not address the contract administration role of a contracting officer's representative (see 201.602).


242.202  Assignment of contract administration.


      (a)(i)  DoD activities shall not retain any contract for administration that requires performance of any contract administration function at or near contractor facilities, except contracts for—


                    (A)  The National Security Agency;


                    (B)  Research and development with universities;


                    (C)  Flight training;


                    (D)  Management and professional support services;


                    (E)  Mapping, charting, and geodesy services;


                    (F)  Base, post, camp, and station purchases;


                    (G)  Operation or maintenance of, or installation of equipment at, radar or communication network sites;


                    (H)  Communications services;


                    (I)  Installation, operation, and maintenance of space-track sensors and relays;


                    (J)  Dependents Medicare program contracts;


                     (K)  Stevedoring contracts;


                    (L)  Construction and maintenance of military and civil public works, including harbors, docks, port facilities, military housing, development of recreational facilities, water resources, flood control, and public utilities;


                    (M)  Architect-engineer services;


                    (N)  Airlift and sealift services (Air Mobility Command and Military Sealift Command may perform contract administration services at contractor locations involved solely in performance of airlift or sealift contracts);


                    (O)  Subsistence supplies;


                    (P)  Ballistic missile sites (contract administration offices may perform supporting administration of these contracts at missile activation sites during the installation, test, and checkout of the missiles and associated equipment); 


                    (Q)  Operation and maintenance of, or installation of equipment at, military test ranges, facilities, and installations; and


                    (R)  The Defense Energy Support Center, Defense Logistics Agency.


              (ii)  Contract administration functions for base, post, camp, and station contracts on a military installation are normally the responsibility of the installation or tenant commander.  However, the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) shall, upon request of the military department, and subject to prior agreement, perform contract administration services on a military installation.


              (iii)  DCMA shall provide preaward survey assistance for post, camp, and station work performed on a military installation.  The contracting office and the DCMA preaward survey monitor should jointly determine the scope of the survey and individual responsibilities.


              (iv)  To avoid duplication, contracting offices shall not locate their personnel at contractor facilities, except—


                    (A)  In support of contracts retained for administration in accordance with paragraph (a)(i) of this section; or


                    (B)  As permitted under Subpart 242.74.


      (e)(1)(A)  In special circumstances, a contract administration office may request support from a component not listed in the Federal Directory of Contract Administration Services Components (available via the Internet at  An example is a situation where the contractor's work site is on a military base and a base organization is asked to provide support.  Before formally sending the request, coordinate with the office concerned to ensure that resources are available for, and capable of, providing the support.


              (B)  When requesting support on a subcontract that includes foreign military sale (FMS) requirements, the contract administration office shall—


                    (1)  Mark “FMS Requirement” on the face of the documents; and


                    (2)  For each FMS case involved, provide the FMS case identifier, associated item quantities, DoD prime contract number, and prime contract line/subline item number.



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